Reasons for rapid power consumption when the electric forklift truck accelerates


Published by NEWTON May 28,2020

Recently, the international situation is very uneven. The turmoil in the Middle East has caused large fluctuations in oil prices, so the cost of using fuel forklifts has also fluctuated. It is precisely because of this that there is a very good opportunity for the development of the electric forklift truck industry. However, we will encounter a problem more or less, that is, when the device is fully charged, once accelerated, it will directly reduce the electricity by 1-2 grids, and many driver friends are very confused about this. Then the electric forklift truck manufacturers will analyze this situation.

forklift truck manufacturers

Electric forklift truck manufacturers said: Compared with traditional fuel-powered forklifts, electric forklift truck learn to drive quickly and the purchase price is relatively cheap. But electric forklifts have a very big problem, which is durability and charging. Here we should pay attention to that when the device is started, the voltage will decrease and the power consumption will be higher, which means that even if you do not use an electric forklift, its battery will be in a discharged state.

Secondly, after the electric forklift truck is fully charged, it will not be used for a long time. During this period, although the equipment is not working, the battery is always discharged. Therefore, the electric forklift truck will appear to be full of electricity during use, but as soon as it accelerates, it will immediately lose one or two grids of electricity, less The part of electricity is what we often call "virtual electricity". Here, electric forklift truck manufacturers should remind everyone that if the battery of the electric forklift truck is not used for a long time, it will be damaged, because the electrolyte in the battery will react, resulting in poor storage performance.

forklift truck manufacturers

There is also a situation where the electric forklift truck will show aging in its circuit after long-term use. At this time, the resistance of the electric forklift truck will increase, so that the storage capacity of the battery is transferred between the circuits. Because the resistance is too large, the current is directly reduced, and even if the battery is full, the current will be unstable. If a battery in the electric forklift truck is broken and the electric forklift is used for a long time, once a battery fails, its resistance will increase and the power will decrease accordingly. Therefore, electric forklift truck manufacturers remind you that if you find that the battery capacity of the electric forklift is not enough, you must check whether the battery is damaged.

forklift truck manufacturers

The above is the analysis of the reason why the electric forklift truck consumes power quickly when it accelerates. I hope that the explanation of the electric forklift truck manufacturers can solve the problem for everyone. If you have any questions, please call to consult!

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