What do you need to know about choosing an electric forklift truck?


Published by NEWTON May 28,2020

The daily work of the warehouse is more and more inseparable from electric forklift truck, because the introduction of electric equipment will greatly improve work efficiency, so many bosses have gradually started to save costs. But do the bosses know how to choose a device suitable for their warehouse? Next, let the electric forklift truck manufacturers lead you to understand what are the requirements for selecting electric forklift truck.

forklift truck manufacturers

Tips for electric forklift truck manufacturers: When buying an electric storage forklift, you must first understand the height of the shelf. Standard management and land saving are the basic principles that our warehouse operations must follow. Many users will place raw materials on the shelves. Here we need to understand the lifting height of the forklift. The lifting height of the electric forklift truck must be able to meet the requirements of unloading and picking on the shelves. Considering that the standards for calculating the height of forks are not uniform, it is likely that the height of the shelf does not match the lifting height of the forklift, so the purchased electric forklift truck cannot be used.

In addition, electric forklift truck manufacturers mentioned that the weight of goods should also be considered when purchasing an electric storage forklift. The load of electric forklifts is different. Users should choose the corresponding type of electric forklift after knowing the weight of the goods they are carrying. Another consideration is the width of the right-angle stacking aisle, that is, the electric forklift can safely pass when turning 90 ° in the aisle. Our warehouse shelves are carefully calculated when they are placed, and security issues cannot be underestimated.

forklift truck manufacturers

Pallets are also used with electric forklift truck, so we also need to consider the size of the pallet. This is especially important for users who need to use a large number of pallets. The specifications of the pallet will also affect the selection of electric forklifts. For different pallets, the corresponding electric forklift should be selected.(forklift truck manufacturers)

When purchasing an electric forklift truck, there are many places that users need to pay attention to, such as: the height of the warehouse door should be higher than the entire height of the forklift; the problem of rated load loss of the electric forklift after the cargo is lifted to a certain height; if The car is to work on the floor, we must consider how much weight per square floor can bear; also need to consider the problem of the road surface, the road surface is uneven or there will be serious wear on the wheels and motors when there are slopes; in addition, we also Should consider whether to need another distribution bottle.(forklift truck manufacturers)

forklift truck manufacturers

The above is about how to choose the electric forklift truck. If you are still struggling to choose the electric forklift, you may wish to call us. As an electric forklift truck manufacturers, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

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