Instructions for use of electric forklift truck


Published by NEWTON May 28,2020

After many companies purchase electric forklift, electric forklift truck suppliers will give the corresponding instructions. The use process of warehousing electric forklifts is generally from debugging and installation of electric forklift truck, loading and unloading operations, electric forklift batteries, battery charging operations, battery replacement operations, electric It consists of six parts including forklift maintenance.

electric forklift truck suppliers

1. Commissioning and installation of electric forklift
Electric forklift truck suppliers prompt to check whether all parts are in good condition and check the performance of all operating elements and safety devices before starting the electric forklift truck. Before moving the electric forklift, check that the brakes and batteries are fully charged. Open the lock, turn slowly to accelerate, and move forward to turn the accelerator. When driving electric forklifts, narrow passages or curved roads should slow down.

2. Loading and unloading operation of electric forklift
The fork of the electric forklift truck rises to the required height, enters under the pallet and slowly approaches the pallet to be unloaded until the load is safely placed on the fork, slowly moves back out of the aisle, slowly reduces the load and at the same time determines that the fork is in the process of descending No obstacles will be encountered.

electric forklift truck suppliers

3. Battery of electric forklift
Check the battery, charge and replace according to the instructions provided by the electric forklift truck suppliers. Pyrotechnics or flammable or spark-prone substances are strictly prohibited near the storage of electric forklift truck or chargers. The size and weight of the battery are measured to maintain the stability of the electric forklift.

4. Charging operation of electric forklift battery
Electric forklift truck suppliers advise that the battery cannot be fully discharged, avoid partial charging, and allow the charger to send a charge completion signal. It is wise to recharge the battery of the electric forklift truck after every working day.

5. Operation of battery replacement in electric forklift truck
First remove the fixing screws of the battery, then remove the cable from the battery terminal to slide out or hang out the battery, and finally replace the battery of the same model.

electric forklift truck suppliers

6. Maintenance and maintenance of electric forklift
When performing any maintenance work on the electric forklift truck, disconnect the main switch! The electric forklift truck suppliers or professionals shall repair and maintain the electric forklifts at least once a year. After each maintenance operation, the performance of the forklift and its safety devices shall be checked. Check the forklift regularly to avoid risk of downtime or injury.

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