How to choose the right electric forklift truck correctly?


Published by NEWTON May 28,2020

Different warehousing modes require different forklift trucks, and the realization of the matching mode will be very different. These differences are reflected in first-in first-out or first-in-first-out, space utilization, operating efficiency, and investment costs. How to choose a suitable electric forklift truck, you need to consider the purpose and function you want to achieve. Here, the electric forklift truck supplier give a brief analysis for everyone:

electric forklift truck supplier

1: Tonnage configuration of forklift
Electric forklift truck supplier believe that the choice of purchasing configuration depends on the weight of the goods and the maximum fork height. Because as the height increases, the maximum safety weight of the electric forklift truck gradually decreases. Exceeding this weight may be dangerous due to overload.

2: Holding height of forklift
Considering the needs of the warehouse's elevated operations, the electric forklift truck supplier believe that the lifting height of the forklift should be properly considered from the standard configuration of 3.5 meters, 4.5 meters, 5.5 meters, and 6 meters in combination with the height of the warehouse; they are usually separated from the low-level operations and the high-level operations Consider several combinations to reduce the total purchase cost.

3: The number of tires on the forklift
Considering the width of the forklift's working channel, the electric forklift truck supplier recommends that if a high-cost forward-moving forklift cannot be purchased, whether to choose three wheels or four wheels, the turning radius of the three wheels is much smaller.

electric forklift truck supplier

4: Drive of forklift
There are mainly electric forklifts and diesel forklifts; as it involves indoor and outdoor operations, two configuration ratios are considered. Electric forklift truck supplier believe that electric forklifts have the advantages of environmental protection, less noise, small turning radius and low operating cost. Diesel forklift has the advantages of great power, fast speed and high efficiency.

5: Elastic configuration problem for subsequent use of forklift
Considering that the cylindrical and large bales and other goods that may exist in the subsequent warehouses need to be operated, the electric forklift truck supplier reminds that it is necessary to add attachments such as holding equipment, and also consider whether to reserve hydraulic pipes when the forklift leaves the factory.

6: Forklift tires
To consider the problem of pneumatic tires and solid tires. The standard configuration of forklifts is generally pneumatic tires, but it is easy to puncture tires and is not resistant to wear and increase maintenance costs. Therefore, under the premise of budget permission, electric forklift truck supplier believe that forklifts with solid tires can be considered.

electric forklift truck supplier

7: Follow-up maintenance cost of forklift
Electric forklifts also need to consider whether to choose a DC motor or an AC motor. In AC, it is necessary to distinguish between full AC and partial AC, because this involves a follow-up maintenance cost. In addition, the engine problem of diesel forklifts should be considered whether it is an imported engine or a domestic engine. This is the core part of the forklift's performance, and there are many brands to choose from. Electric forklift truck supplier remind everyone to carefully compare and analyze before buying.

The above is the suggestion of how to choose the right forklift for electric forklift truck supplier sales. We hope that our content can be helpful to you, and we also welcome you to call for consultation.

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