It’s too dangerous to use a manual hydraulic stacker like this


Published by NEWTON October 19,2022

manual hydraulic stacker

The manual hydraulic stacker  is a small storage forklift for handling stacked goods. Because of its small size, simple operation and low cost. Suitable for short-distance stacking of light goods. Manual forklifts have the advantages of manual forklifts, but you also need to pay attention to strictly follow the manual operation specifications when operating.
What are the contraindications in the use of manual stackers?
1. There is no detailed inspection of the car body, oil tank, etc. before use, resulting in the problem that the goods cannot be hit during use, or the problem cannot be lowered after being raised. This is caused by the adjustment of the pressure relief valve being too loose or too tight.
2. In the process of using a manual hydraulic stacker, we need to pay attention to the order of the forklift when lifting the goods, such as moving a certain distance after lifting the pallet with the goods, the height of the fork should not be too high, generally The distance from the ground does not hinder the movement of the forklift. If the forklift is raised too high, the center of gravity of the forklift will move up, and the chassis will easily tilt when the chassis is unstable, which may cause casualties in serious cases.

manual hydraulic stacker

3. When using a manual hydraulic stacker to stack goods, do not pay attention to increasing the load ratio, and overloading will cause the vehicle to tip over. Therefore, we must pay attention to the increase in load ratio. Generally, the standard increase of manual stacker is 1.6 meters. If you want to stack the goods to 1.6 meters, then we must appropriately reduce the load by one more on the basis of the rated load, just to ensure the service life and safety of the vehicle.
4. Improper use of pallets is also a dangerous thing. The size of the pallet is too large and does not match the size of the fork of the manual hydraulic stacker, which causes the center of gravity of the goods to shift, and eventually tip over and cause an accident. In general, electric forklift manufacturers will mention that the pallets used by manual stackers are nine-legged or Sichuan-shaped pallets when they explain their use. The pallet size also needs to be clarified.

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