Electric forklift manufacturers recommend that customers choose small electric f


Published by NEWTON November 29,2021

small electric forklift

When electric forklift manufacturers face different customer inquiries, they will advise customers to choose small electric forklift according to their needs. What are the main aspects of customer needs?

The choice of battery capacity of small electric forklift: The choice of battery is related to the continuous use time of the point mini electric forklift. The work intensity of different customers is different. Some customers only use it occasionally, so there is no need to choose a battery truck with a large battery capacity, which can effectively reduce input costs. However, some customers have higher work intensity and higher frequency of use of electric pallet trucks, so electric forklift manufacturers will recommend the configuration of large-capacity batteries according to their needs. At least it is necessary to ensure that customers can continue to use it for 3-4 hours in high-intensity operations. In the battery configuration scheme, there is also an optional lithium battery.

small electric forklift

The choice of small electric forklift motor: The choice of motor is related to the load capacity of the mini electric forklift. If the customer's load demand is large, then it is necessary to configure a powerful motor. In the configuration of electric forklift manufacturers, in addition to the standard configuration scheme, there are more other options suitable for different customer needs, and there are differences between domestic brand electric and imported motors. Of course, when choosing which motor to apply, we must also consider the compatibility of other components.

The choice of steel for the small electric forklift door frame: The choice of steel for the door frame directly affects the lifting height of the mini electric forklift. Electric forklift manufacturers will ask such questions when customers make consultations: What is the actual weight of the goods? How high does the cargo need to rise? What is the load when it reaches the highest point? These problems are related to the steel of the mast of the electric forklift. The door frame steel of electric forklifts includes C-shaped steel and H-shaped steel. The strength of the steel determines the height of the small electric forklift and the weight that it can bear when it reaches the highest point. If the load is elevated, electric forklift manufacturers will suggest custom H-beam gantry, which is stronger and safer for large loads.

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