How much do you know about the troubleshooting methods of double electric pallet


Published by NEWTON November 29,2021

walkie rider pallet jack

As electric forklift manufacturers, we can roughly divide it into three exclusion methods based on experience: exclusion method, data method and replacement method. These three methods should be adapted to local conditions, depending on the problem, choose the appropriate method to deal with the failure of the double electric pallet jack.

For new users, it is more suitable to use the elimination method to deal with faults. This method is relatively simple to operate. First of all, we will use our usual knowledge of walkie rider pallet jack to determine the cause of the failure, and we can save a lot of time after troubleshooting the familiar parts. Of course, if the fault is beyond the scope of awareness, we can check other problems in turn.

When the double electric pallet jack has a problem that we can't solve, we can contact the electric forklift manufacturers and use their professional testing equipment to troubleshoot the parts that may be faulty based on the data.

walkie rider pallet jack

Regarding the troubleshooting of walkie rider pallet jack, we can also use the replacement method. The replacement method is to replace the parts that you suspect are malfunctioning, and then experiment with the walkie rider pallet jack to check whether it can be used normally. This method is relatively clumsy, time-consuming and labor-intensive. Electric forklift manufacturers generally do not recommend using this method to overhaul electric hydraulic forklifts. Therefore, this method is used at the end.

In addition to the above three methods, we can also use a fourth solution, which is to combine the above three. First, let yourself have a preliminary understanding of double electric pallet jack, and secondly, combine the suggestions of electric forklift manufacturers to troubleshoot, and use the replacement method to detect the faulty parts when there is no result.

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