Under the general trend of energy saving and emission reduction, what efforts ha


Published by NEWTON November 29,2021

electric forklift manufacturers

Under the general trend of energy saving and emission reduction, what efforts have electric forklift manufacturers made to update their products?

Now our country and the world have adopted a series of measures to protect the environment and resources. As electric forklift manufacturers, we also deeply feel the urgency of our country for energy saving and emission reduction.

In the near future, we have made a series of product technology update plans in line with the general environment. The first thing we consider is the upgrade of the battery life of the double electric pallet jack. With the existing battery capacity, how can the use time of the truck be longer? Will it affect the compatibility of the various parts of the electric pallet truck when it is equipped with a power recovery device? Make a balance between maximizing energy saving and maximizing performance advantages.

electric forklift manufacturers

Of course, electric forklift manufacturers are not only considering hardware updates, but the operation of double electric pallet jacks is also within the scope of technical emission reduction considerations. Does the operating habits of walkie rider pallet jack drivers when using the electric pallet electric walkie rider pallet jack also affect the battery life and even the service life of the truck? Double electric pallet jack must master the driving speed during driving, try to minimize the sudden acceleration and deceleration, it is best to maintain a constant speed, especially in a small working space, must be driven slowly, one is To ensure safety, the other is to ensure battery life.

The other is about the double electric pallet jack's load problem. The loss of power is the largest when the battery is loaded on a ramp. When electric forklift manufacturers consider the issue of technological updates, this part should be one of the focuses. This includes the coordinated use of the motor and the battery. In the configuration of the electric pallet truck, the bigger the motor, the better, the size of the motor should be determined according to the size of the battery. After the size of the motor exceeds the compatible range of the battery, the larger the motor, the greater the ineffective loss of the double electric pallet jack.

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