What should I do if the battery of the walkie rider pallet jack encounters these


Published by NEWTON October 14,2021

Double electric pallet jack

   Electric forklift manufacturers continue to update and iterate on handling equipment, which brings us a lot of convenience. Not only the cost is saved, but the labor is also liberated. But since it is a machine, there will be problems that bother us. Among them, the battery problem of the walkie rider pallet jack is worthy of our attention.

   The battery pack of the Double electric pallet jack cannot be charged. The problem should be due to: 1. There is a problem with the charging device, or the charging plug has a problem. 2. There is a problem with the charging protection device, and the battery pack of the storage battery and the charger are externally short-circuited. Customers and friends are requested to do corresponding inspections in accordance with the requirements of electric forklift manufacturers. Check whether the battery pack is connected reversely and whether the positive and negative poles between the battery and the battery correspond.

Double electric pallet jack

   The battery of Walkie rider pallet jack is always "half full". In this case, it depends on whether the individual battery power and capacity of the battery pack are the same. Separate charging, charging first with high power, or first charging with low capacity. This is the process that the battery protected by the protection board will stop before it is full. In this case, electric forklift manufacturers will recommend using a fool-proof charger to recharge the battery pack. The voltage of each string of the battery pack remains the same. If there is still a difference, a new battery needs to be replaced.

  Walkie rider pallet jack battery temperature is high, what should I do? The temperature of the battery is abnormally high during the charging process, which may be due to the large internal resistance of the battery or a short-circuit phenomenon, which makes the temperature of the battery rise too quickly. If the temperature is too high, it will be very dangerous. Electric forklift manufacturers will recommend replacing batteries.

   The use of Double electric pallet jack batteries is a very rigorous thing, pay attention to safe operation. Deal with problems promptly without delay.

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