How do Electric forklift manufacturers deal with competition and cooperation in


Published by NEWTON October 14,2021

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  In this era of rapid development, fast-paced business thinking models are emerging one after another. After all, the development of an industry affects the circle in which one is located, and now there is even more influence between different industries, and even far-reaching, it may be the destruction of the group. So how do electric forklift manufacturers respond to this change?

   (1) Competition in the same industry is, in the final analysis, brand competition.

   Which company captures the needs of customers, which company will occupy the market. Electric forklift manufacturers have achieved self-inspection on the quality of walkie rider pallet jack products and after-sales service to meet customer needs. When necessary, we must revolutionize ourselves and eliminate products that do not meet market needs. Expand the influence of the brand in the adaptive market and self-revolution.

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   (2) The competition among the same industry also raises the flow of personnel

  Walkie rider pallet jack The flow of employees mainly refers to the flow of core talents in the middle and high levels. The flow of non-excellent talents has no way to update the company's record. It is a resultless change, which can only affect the working status and psychology. You know, every industry has top talents, and the industry where electric forklift manufacturers are located is no exception. Which company gets talents has a great opportunity to influence the company's position in the competition in the industry. Even get a crushing victory.

   (3) What is the basis of cross-industry cooperation? how to respond?

   In contact with different industries, talking about cooperation itself is talking about the strength matching between enterprises, and it is the exchange of flow and resources. It is the complementarity between enterprises. You have the resources I need, and I have the platform functions you need. The cooperation that Electric forklift manufacturers want to achieve is not a simple 1+1. It's not that you help me sell a few walkie rider pallet jacks. I will help you sell a few orders. The cooperation between enterprises should be a tree-like extension, with the goal of multi-dimensional win-win. It's not just a one-line acceleration. In this way, the cooperation between each other will last long and the benefits will be maximized.

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