What are the characteristics of the hydraulic system of an double electric palle


Published by NEWTON October 14,2021

double electric pallet jack

  In the past, when choosing an double electric pallet jack, we would consider a lot of things, such as: performance, price, manufacturer, etc., among which, the selection knowledge and attention points of the solenoid valve of the battery motorised pallet jack by the electric forklift manufacturer are worthy of our attention. So, let's talk about the relevant situation of the reliability and usability of the hydraulic system of the truck.

   One, choose reliable

       1. Electro-hydraulic motorised pallet jack solenoid valves are divided into normally closed and normally open. Our standard configuration is normally closed, which is open when incoming calls and closed when power is off; but electric forklift manufacturers should remind everyone that they are long in use and have a short closing time. In this case, the normally open type should be used.

  2. The standard configuration of solenoid valve has no waterproof function. Please choose a walkie rider pallet jack equipped with a waterproof solenoid valve if necessary.

  3. The direct-acting type is suitable for high operating frequency and long working time. The high-speed series are selected for large specifications.

double electric pallet jack

  4. In addition, electric forklift manufacturers also suggest that the high pressure in the hydraulic pipeline should not exceed the high nominal pressure of the solenoid valve. This is to prevent the service life of the motorised pallet jack from shrinking or causing any unexpected events.

   5. If you are transporting corrosive goods, you must choose an all-stainless steel double electric pallet jack with strong corrosion resistance, and choose a corrosion-resistant solenoid valve.

   Two, selection applicability

  1. The fluid in the pipeline should be consistent with the medium specified in the solenoid valve series standard of the battery carrier truck, and the electric forklift manufacturer will suggest that the heat of the fluid is second only to the calibration temperature of the solenoid valve.

  2. The permitted liquid viscosity of the solenoid valve is generally less than 20CST, and it should be stated if it exceeds 20CST.

double electric pallet jack

  3. The battery current and power consumption of the motorised pallet jack should be selected according to the output capacity. The power supply voltage generally does not allow a 10% difference between positive and negative. Beware of the high VA value when the AC starts.

      4. When the high pressure difference of the hydraulic pipeline of the double electric pallet jack is less than 0.04MPA, the direct-acting type and the step-by-step direct-acting type should be selected; when the low pressure difference is greater than 0.04MPA, the pilot type (differential pressure) solenoid valve can be selected; The high working pressure difference should be less than the maximum calibration pressure of the solenoid valve.

  5. When the fluid purity of the hydraulic system of the walkie rider pallet jack is not high, a filter should be installed in front of the solenoid valve. Generally, the solenoid valve requires good cleanliness for the medium. Electric forklift manufacturers recommend that you pay attention to the flow aperture and port size. The solenoid valve generally only needs to be controlled by the two-position switch. If conditions permit, please install a bypass pipe for easy maintenance.

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