How to deal with the common faults of motorised pallet jack?


Published by NEWTON October 14,2021

motorised pallet jack

   The application of the electric hydraulic motorised pallet jack reflects the fast-paced era of the past and the past. It not only saves labor, but also enhances the safety factor in the process of work. However, something unsatisfactory will also happen, that is, common fault handling such as the maintenance and repair of  walkie rider pallet jack equipment. Now let's talk about how to deal with the failure of the pallet truck.

   The brake of the electric hydraulic motorised pallet jack failed. When encountering this kind of problem, the problem of the controller's electric link, at this time, technicians are required to check and repair the control system. But there is another possibility, that is, the brake friction lining of the  walkie rider pallet jack is severely damaged and needs to be replaced.

  How to deal with the problem of motorised pallet jack walking? Then we need to see if the electric door lock of the electric hydraulic motorised pallet jack is open or damaged, and then check whether the battery pack of the battery motorised pallet jack has electricity. If the battery is low, you need to quickly charge it.

motorised pallet jack

When the electro-hydraulic motorised pallet jack is stuck and cannot advance and retreat smoothly, it may be that the battery is insufficient and needs to be charged quickly; the other may be that the electric door of the walking control mechanism is loose and the screws need to be tightened as soon as possible; the other may be the battery pallet If the DC contactor of the motorised pallet jack fails, repair and replace; however, it may also be due to the failure of the motorised pallet jack controller. It is recommended to check first, then repair and replace; if the motor drive of the double electric pallet jack fails, it will also fail to move forward or back. Condition. This situation can also occur when the brakes of  walkie rider pallet jacks are locked, and it is necessary to adjust the interval between the brake pads of the driving wheels.

motorised pallet jack

   What should I do if the battery of the electric hydraulic motorised pallet jack is short and hard to charge? If this happens, it may be because the battery fluid is insufficient. We need to go to the battery fluid. If the battery is old, please replace it with a new one as soon as possible. If the power plug is in poor contact with the socket, please replace or repair it as soon as possible without delay.

In addition, we propose another situation. When the charger of the  walkie rider pallet jack does not work, there are two possibilities: one is that the charger does not show up and the breaker is blown; the other is the power light of the charger It is bright, but the rectifier tube is damaged due to the capacitive circuit breaker circuit or the resistive circuit breaker.

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