What is the lowest cost warehouse lift truck?


Published by NEWTON February 29,2024

warehouse lift truck are playing an increasingly important role. Have you learned about the construction of forklift in warehouse while replacing labor quickly and efficiently? Here, I will analyze the cost of warehouse lift truck manufacturing for you.
First of all, if a forklift is sold at a price of 150USD, this forklift must have these features:
1. Lifting about 100mm
2. Human pull
3. Wheel
4. Frame
5. Fork
So what you bought is the following hand truck, as shown:

warehouse lift truck 1 

For example, there is this hand forklift in warehouse:

warehouse lift truck 2 

If you buy a warehouse lift truck at a price of 1000USD, this forklift in warehouse must have these features:
Lifting height exceeds 1.2 meters
1. Human pull
2. Wheel
3. Frame
4. Fork
So you bought such a warehouse lift truck, as shown:

warehouse lift truck 

If you need to work indoors, but the space is narrow, then you need such a forklift in warehouse function:
1. Power-driven replacement (manual walking pull)
2. Require brake braking function
3. With variable speed function
4. With a height of 1-3 meters
5. 3-4 wheels
You may need to buy such a warehouse lift truck with 3500USD, as shown in the figure:

forklift in warehouse 1 

“Can the price be lower?” This sentence makes people unable to answer. First of all, the purpose of using the forklift in warehouse is to solve the problem of difficult manual handling in the factory! On the surface, what is the similarity of the warehouse lift truck, what is the competition? Only quality! What is quality? Buying accessories, everyone knows that the accessories of the deputy factory are not as good as the original ones! However, the price difference is several thousand yuan for the forklift in warehouse. If you choose a warehouse lift truck assembled with a deputy manufacturer, the appearance is the same, but the matching parts inside are not the same thing? Do you still think the price is important? The so-called the same, in fact, is not the same thing!

Such a forklift in warehouse can also be used, but what?
Please ask the driver master to decide again!

forklift in warehouse 2

How can we reduce costs? How can we produce a "good quality and cheap" warehouse lift truck without a profitable product? "Affordable and good" is nothing more than the slogan of some merchants! There is a contrast to be hurt, the same forklift in warehouse, the price is basically the same, the difference of 500USD warehouse lift truck, what is the competition? The users who buy forklift in warehouse are also engaged in the manufacture of products in various industries. How can we reduce the cost according to your production method? Lean management? Product unique technology? Subversive alternatives? If not, then how to reduce costs, in fact, you are very clear!
Through the above cases, we will know that the warehouse lift truck manufacturers who have the duty, because of the quality of the products, the price has not been reduced, so consumers do not buy, choose the forklift in warehouse brand with lower prices. And those "smart" warehouse lift truck manufacturers, through continuous "optimization", reduce costs in places where users do not pay attention, and then form the so-called "competitiveness". What are these so-called "competitiveness"? For example: the 3.5-ton forklift in warehouse frame (including the oil cylinder) is assembled with a 3 ton warehouse lift truck gantry (including the oil cylinder), saving 500USD cost! The 3 ton forklift in warehouse frame is lengthened with a 3 ton warehouse lift truck counterweight, and the body lengthens and then is a 3.5 ton forklift in warehouse! Save 500USD! The overhead guard of each warehouse lift truck has reduced the structure, reducing 5USD, and 10,000 will increase the profit of 50000USD! The steel material of the shelf is changed to ordinary angle iron, the cost is reduced by 5USD, and 10,000 sets will increase the profit of 50000USD! The original headlight shield, after the "optimization" reduced the cost of 5USD, 10,000 units will increase the profit of 50,000USD! In the past, the starting battery was 120AH, and now the 80AH battery is replaced by a uniform, reducing the cost of 10USD, and 10,000 will increase the profit of 100000USD! ........

forklift in warehouse 3 

No comparison, no harm! In the price-driven market, everyone is fighting for the final result but doing the “unprofitable” business. The ultimate victim is the user who buys the forklift in warehouse! It’s a tens of thousands of warehouse lift truck bought back, but the result is not a “good value for money” product!Buying a forklift in warehouse When you only pay attention to the "cheap price", in fact, you just bought a warehouse lift truck that has "shrinked"!

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