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Published by NEWTON February 29,2024

After the "double eleven" crazy buy and buy, a lot of buyers are involved in the whirlpool of online shopping "sequel", waiting for delivery, check logistics, reminder express, became the daily routine of the pickpocket party . It’s hard to stop receiving goods, exchanges, and returns in December. However, the double twelve is coming again. Continue to "hands-on"!The “Double 12” shopping festival is basically the favorite of Chinese girls, but the biggest headache after shopping for the Double Twelve Carnival is logistics. What we are looking forward to is the arrival of gifts. Their headaches are the express delivery of warehouses into mountains. This year's "Double 12" package is expected to record a new record. The express delivery industry is accelerating the escalation of motorised pallet truck. powered pallet stacker have become popular in the industry. In order to prepare for the "Double 12", major logistics companies are waiting for it, and there is great assistance from motorised pallet truck: Before this year's "Double 11" peak season, China Post Group quietly launched a big move, that is, the merger of postal and EMS, internal integration External unification. And SF will increase the investment of scientific and technological talents, prevent large-scale congestion through big data forecasting, and ensure that express shipments arrive in time.                        (motorised pallet truck)

(motorised pallet truck)powered pallet stacker (powered pallet stacker)

Then, how to speed up the delivery of express delivery is also the first big thing in the logistics industry. As the manpower handling gradually leaves us, the arrival of powered pallet stacker is undoubtedly the most happy thing in the logistics and transportation industry. Because of the gradual popularization of motorised pallet truck, electric trucks have been integrated into our lives, appearing in large and small warehouses and supermarkets. Electricized powered pallet stacker have become a major trend in the industry, and have been widely implemented in the manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, postal, wholesale and retail industries. In today's warehouse materials and equipment, the original market structure is quietly changing. The original handling and handling equipment, mainly manual handling vehicles and internal combustion forklifts, are popular in the market. Now, with the continuous development and advancement of technology, the market An energy-saving and environmentally friendly, low-noise, pollution-free, smooth and efficient motorised pallet truck  has emerged, which has greatly impacted the original market structure. In addition, in recent years, manual trucks have faced fierce competition in the same industry and further narrowed market profits. The cost of after-sales services has gradually increased, and manufacturers are under increasing pressure. The emergence of powered pallet stacker has indeed brought great impact to the above two types of handling forklifts, which eventually led to changes in the market structure.                    (powered pallet stacker)

(motorised pallet truck)powered pallet stacker 1 (powered pallet stacker)

Motorised pallet truck are gradually developed according to the changing needs of the market and the continuous advancement of technology. Faced with the increasingly serious environmental problems and the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, the development and manufacturing of powered pallet stacker have appeared, which greatly shakes the entire handling materials. market! According to relevant data, in the developed economies such as Europe, America and Japan, electric trucks have gradually replaced internal combustion forklifts in related industries, and the market share has gradually increased. In developing countries, this development trend has gradually formed, and electric pallet trucks have developed into future markets. The dominant equipment has become inevitable.               (motorised pallet truck)

(powered pallet stacker)motorised pallet truck (motorised pallet truck)

The motorised pallet truck mainly relies on the battery as the power, the DC motor drive, the hydraulic power unit to lift, the control handle centralized control, the operation is convenient, stable and fast, suitable for heavy load and long-term cargo transfer loading and unloading, compared with the manual truck , greatly improving the handling efficiency of goods, reducing labor intensity, but the price is relatively high. In some warehouses and distribution centers, because there are certain requirements for the indoor cargo handling environment, the use of motorised pallet truck to transport goods without affecting the efficiency can meet the relevant environmental requirements. Compared with internal combustion forklifts, the price is equivalent, which is the first choice in handling equipment. !                                   (powered pallet stacker)

(powered pallet stacker)motorised pallet truck 1 (motorised pallet truck)


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