drivable pallet jack: what we need to know about walk behind pallet truck


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

 walk behind pallet trucks

What type of work would buy a forklift? In fact, no matter where we are now, we can see walk behind pallet trucks, and our electric forklifts are also divided into various types, which can be seen in the market. Since there are many types, we do not know much about them. There are a lot of people who don't know about the electric hydraulic forklift and don't know its performance. The drivable pallet jack is here to introduce this walk behind pallet truck to us.


The biggest feature of walk behind pallet truck is that the body is small and light compared to other vehicles, the body weight is very light, and it can work in very limited places and small spaces. The drivable pallet jack tells you that this model can enter the elevator completely. This gives some relatively convenient operations and operations for high-altitude operations, and all the controlled components can be easily operated at the end of the handle, which is very convenient to operate, mainly because this walk behind pallet truck can be operated without a certificate. It avoids a lot of people who do not have certificates but who need electric hydraulic trucks.

This vehicle also has many advantages of its own. Its body adopts an electric hydraulic pump for lifting and lowering, and electric control or domestic resistance electric control is used to adjust the driving speed. There are many specifications of the vehicle, such as: with pedals and without Pedals, so we also have a lot of choices to walk behind pallet truck, electric hydraulic truck is suitable for heavy load and long-term cargo transfer, which greatly improves the cargo transfer rate. The drivable pallet jack is designed with ultra-thin body, low noise and five murmurs. It is also worth noting that daily maintenance is free, and the entire freight process can be completed by one person, and intelligence replaces manual trucks to a certain extent.

Note that when we are driving a turn, the driving mode of the walk behind pallet truck is that the rear wheel controls the steering. At this time, we need to be careful. If you are a beginner, you need to control the size of its swing to release the rabbit from unnecessary situations. Pay attention to safety when there is no special situation, and brake carefully.

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