electric forklift manufacturers let you know why electric pallet stacker is used


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

electric pallet stackers

In reality, we can actually see a lot of electric pallet stackers. The so-called electric pallet stacker actually requires us to push it manually, but it has similar functions to the all-electric stacker, but it lacks the drive device than the all-electric stacker. The electric pallet stacker has no driving device, only a few basic load-bearing wheels and direction wheels. Therefore, the movement of the position of the electric pallet stacker requires manpower to push. In terms of lifting, the motor drives the hydraulic station to push the hydraulic cylinder to achieve the lifting of the goods. Using hydraulic devices and electronic control components and lifting gantry, manual push and pull front and rear steering, electric lift, small turnover radius, flexible and convenient, electric forklift manufacturers remind you that this car will not be heavy for us to operate manually, it is more convenient of a vehicle

The range of our electric pallet stacker is also very wide. It is used in narrow passages and relatively limited space to facilitate work operations. In our elevated warehouse, the workshop loading and unloading palletization is a more practical equipment, which is widely used in petroleum and chemical industries. , paint and other industries, as well as our sea ports, railways and warehouses and other places containing explosive mixtures, electric forklift manufacturers tell you that you can enter the ship to load and unload goods, and the container can also be palletized. Loading, unloading, stacking and handling operations.

The advantages of our electric pallet stacker are that the operation is simple, the price is cheap, the practical range is wide, the maintenance is convenient, and the width of the channel is relatively low.

Disadvantages: laborious to move, low safety factor, short battery life, not suitable for goods with a load of more than 1.2 tons, the load-bearing capacity changes greatly with the height of the rise, and most electric pallet stackers are raised to the highest level. Neither can carry its rated weight. Electric forklift manufacturers suggest that we must choose which one is practical for us. The best choice is cost-effective.

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