Small electric forklift practitioners need to have a growth mindset


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

a growth mindset

Today I accidentally turned to a book "Lifelong Growth". This book talks about different thinking modes and accomplishing completely different lives. So what kind of thinking mode should the practitioners of small electric forklift have? Is it an inherent mode of thinking or a growth mode of thinking?

The author of this book is Carol Dweck, a well-known psychologist from Stanford University. The author has spent a lot of time and energy to study the reasons for the success of those successful people. But in the end he discovered that it was not the ability or talent that made them succeed, but that these people showed a growth mindset in the process of pursuing their goals.

a growth mindset

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the times, small electric forklift technology is always constantly updated. As practitioners, we should have a growth mindset.

I wonder if you have heard such a story about Michael Jordan. In high school, Jordan was eliminated by the school team because of insufficient height, and the two NBA teams later did not sign him. We can't help but wonder if those who look down on him are too stupid? We can have this question entirely because we, as latecomers, said so after learning about the later Jordan. What if we were the parties at the time?

As the salesman of small electric forklift, have we underestimated anyone when we face the dealer consultation? Have you pretended to be arrogant because the customer's receiving volume is too small? Do we have an insight into the future? The coach at the time ignored Jordan's growth potential, did not look at him from a developmental perspective, and did not use a growth mindset to think about problems. What about us? Do you have a growth mindset?

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