What is the reason for a team's success?


Published by NEWTON May 29,2024

What is the root cause of a team’s success? Maybe you want to say "it's the decision-making and arranging ability of the leadership." For example, the factory manager of our Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturer is responsible for insight into market demand and expanding the production and technology research and development of small electric forklifts. Or the leader of the business department is responsible for expanding the market and launching operations.

It seems reasonable to say that, but think about it carefully: What if the leader of the team has formulated various development plans and arranged various practical operations, but the following people do not implement them and do not follow the steps? Or in the process of implementation, if the law is violated and the rules are not followed, can it be successful? Can't it?

At this point, everyone should be able to understand that the success of a team requires not only capable leaders, but also team members with strong executive ability, and members who can well complete the tasks assigned by the leader. Just as the leaders of the Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturer decided to carry out a certain technological innovation, the technicians must have good execution ability and have made certain achievements in the technical field of small electric forklifts. So how to make team members have better execution capabilities?

First of all, team executives should have certain leadership skills and be able to think about problems from the perspective of leadership. We first divide a team into three parts, the decision-making layer, the leadership layer, and the executive layer. The executive level is the person responsible for doing things. If they have leadership skills, they will transform the goals, plans, and operating procedures set by the decision-makers and management into concrete actions. That is to say, basic workers, such as small electric forklift sales personnel of Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers, technical personnel customer service, etc. can have a good insight into the leadership's intention to execute the leadership plan.

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