Show you how Christmas is celebrated in countries around the world


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

Today is Christmas Eve, the equivalent of our New Year's Eve. This day of December 25 is a very special day for Christians-the Bible records that Jesus was born on this day, and since then it has been set as Christmas in honor of him, also known as Christmas Section. The electric pallet jack suppliers do not know when it started, and we have begun to attach importance to this festival. We have made this day a "shopping festival", "Valentine's Day", or as an opportunity for a party.(pallet jack suppliers)

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We also have a custom for Christmas, that is, giving apples. Every Christmas Eve, we will receive apples from people around us, meaning peace and security. However, how do you spend Christmas abroad? Small electric pallet jack suppliers take you to see.(pallet jack suppliers)

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·United Kingdom

The British and the Germans are similar. They drink beer and eat turkey on Christmas Day. Then adjust your mood to enjoy the Christmas holiday and go on vacation.(pallet jack suppliers)


·United States

Americans and British people are just the opposite when it comes to Christmas. They pay more attention to family decoration, like decorating the Christmas tree, stuffing gifts in socks, making delicious turkey dinner, sitting around a table as a family, enjoying food, holding Grand lively family ball.(pallet jack suppliers)

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Christmas in France is just like their country. Snow falls a few days before and after Christmas every year. This is what we commonly call "white Christmas". Small electric pallet jack suppliers feel that Christmas in France seems to be the most consistent with Jesus' story. Their Christmas symbol is the manger, because it is said that Jesus was born next to the manger. After people sang Christmas songs aloud, the champagne and brandy peculiar to France began to appear, and people sipped their drinks.(pallet jack suppliers)

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The Swiss will hold a candle in a ring decorated with tree branches 4 weeks before Christmas, and light it every week. When the fourth one is lit, it is Christmas.(pallet jack suppliers)

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Small electric pallet jack suppliers find Christmas in the Netherlands very interesting. Their Santa Claus is called SinterKlaas, and his partner Hepiter. They would sit in a steamship to send sweets and various nuts to children who performed well this year. Children must not be idle, they have to fill their shoes with straw and sugar to feed the horses.(pallet jack suppliers)

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