What problem will happen if the battery of electric pallet stacker is overcharg?


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

Electric pallet stacker are often used in warehouses and logistics. Its flexibility is very suitable for use in narrow spaces for stacking and transporting goods. But we can't ignore the maintenance of the vehicle. The maintenance of the battery is also very important. Today, the electric stacker manufacturers will explain to you how to maintain the battery.

electric stacker manufacturers

If the battery of a electric pallet stacker is overcharged, it will cause a lot of gas to wash the plates of the battery, and this behavior will ultimately reduce the service life of the battery. In addition, overcharging of the battery of a electric pallet stacker will also cause a faster rate of water loss, affect the differentiation of the electrolyte, cause the battery temperature to rise, and even spontaneous combustion, which is very important. According to survey data, about 20% of the batteries of other brands of electric vehicles will spontaneously ignite after being used for a period of time, especially when overcharging in high-temperature climates. Even though the outer casing is deformed, there are also great Security risks.

Not only that, over-discharge will also cause the battery plates to soften and ultimately shorten the service life. So, in the face of such a situation, how should users of electric pallet stacker maintain their batteries? There are many ways to maintain the battery, among which the following are more common:

electric stacker manufacturers

1. When going uphill and headwind, it is best to rely on your feet to help
Many people completely rely on electric pallet stacker in the process of traveling, especially when traveling uphill and headwind. They will choose to speed up. This will not only speed up the loss of battery power, but also cause certain damage to the battery. 

2. Charge when it is less than 30%
Overcharge of the battery is not good for the battery, but it is also harmful if it is over-discharged and recharged. Finally, regarding long-term storage of batteries, it is recommended not to use them immediately, it is best to fully charge them before using them, so as to protect the batteries from damage.
The above is the battery overcharging problem of the semi-electric stacker described by the electric stacker manufacturers. I hope that everyone should pay attention to these issues during the use of the vehicle to avoid unnecessary damage. Thank you for your attention and support.

electric stacker manufacturers

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