Alibaba Elite Enterprise Exchange Meeting


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

New Newton (China) Forklift was invited to hold the Alibaba Dream Journey Elite Enterprise Exchange Conference

Working together to help each other, adhering to the concept of making the world easy to do business, on July 27, 2021, our company held a small exchange meeting between Alibaba's elite merchants under the organization of Alibaba. Mr. Qiu of our company was invited to share his experience.


Here is a brief introduction to Mr. Qiu. First of all, he is the CEO of New Newton (China) Forklift, one of the founders of Rocket E-commerce Club, the vice president of the Hardware Chamber of Commerce of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce, the signed lecturer of Ali International Station, and the hundreds of thousands of Ali International Stations. School-certified lecturer, Alibaba international station operator, Le Trade B2B platform operation gold lecturer, No. 11 business school special lecturer, Alibaba 2020 Northern Talents Finals runner-up.

Of course, being invited to share experience at Alibaba is not only because of the above honors, but also because of the achievements made by New Newton in performance. Why does the New Newton have the current results? From the initial establishment of the factory, the establishment of the sales and operation team to the current development and growth, what kind of growth has New Newton experienced, and what kind of growth has Mr. Qiu experienced? These President Qiu shared unreservedly in class.

With the prosperity and development of e-commerce, the division of labor has been continuously refined and the degree of specialization has been continuously improved. Different network manufacturers have their own advantages in different links such as design, production, and marketing. Some have sufficient supply but lack sales channels, and some are better than sales but the supply is unstable. Only by combining strong forces and complementing each other can a win-win situation be achieved. This exchange and sharing meeting was held in line with the original intention of sharing excellent business models and promoting mutual learning. After the meeting, Mr. Qiu also mentioned that he hoped that these sharings would be helpful to everyone, and that in the future everyone will learn from each other and make progress together.

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