How do forklift manufacturers in china strictly control the quality of small ele


Published by NEWTON May 18,2022

small electric forklift

There are many processes in the whole production process of small electric forklift. How do forklift manufacturers in china control the quality?

Quality control is mainly embodied in three important links: unqualified products are not accepted before this process; quality control is strictly controlled in this process, and substandard products are not produced; after this process, check whether the quality is qualified or not. Proceed to the next process.

Before processing the small electric forklift parts, check whether the parts that flow into the process meet the standards. If they do not meet the standards, they should be corrected in time, returned to the previous process, and timely feedback to the management to avoid mass quality problems. In this way, the loss can be stopped in time to avoid the continuation of the wrong process and cause the waste of manpower and material resources of forklift manufacturers in china in large quantities.

small electric forklift

The quality of small electric forklift parts is strictly controlled in this production process, and substandard products are not manufactured. First of all, before the operation, we first check whether the preparation work before the operation is proper, whether the parameter settings, specifications and standards are correct. In the implementation of the production process, every employee involved in the operation must strictly demand himself, strictly implement the established quality standards, and do not slack or leave a fluke. In this way, the rate of unqualified products produced by forklift manufacturers in china due to human factors can be reduced.

Substandard products are forbidden to be set aside. The small electric forklift is prohibited from flowing out whether it is the unqualified parts produced in the production process or the unqualified finished products that have been completed. Once out, it will cause customers to refuse to accept and return the goods, which will seriously damage the reputation of electric forklift manufacturers. In addition, it affects the normal use of customers, and the loss of customers is immeasurable.

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