Daily maintenance tips for electric pallet trucks


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

 harbor freight pallet jack

The harbor freight pallet jack, as a small and convenient vehicle for transportation in the logistics and warehousing industry, has some advantages. Safety, it is easier and more convenient to work, which is also its most obvious feature, but we all know that we also need to maintain it when using the car. According to our understanding, we have to maintain the harbor freight pallet jack every year for one year. It can save a lot of money, so that the operating cost of the enterprise can be greatly increased, drivable pallet jack reminds us that such a vehicle maintenance cost is a very cost-saving vehicle for small enterprises.

The maintenance of electric pallet jacks is also a major focus of our attention. When driving, we also need to pay attention to maintenance, which brings security to our own safety. Like the maintenance of harbor freight pallet jack, we need to carry out maintenance once a week, and take a look at the vehicle. Whether the various parts of the parts can work normally, whether the firmware of the parts is loose, whether the chain is dropped or bent, whether the up and down movement of the inner and outer frames can work normally, whether the hydraulic joints leak oil, and whether the mechanical parts are abnormal. Wear, whether the electrical appliances have abnormal temperature rise and sparks, etc., the drivable pallet jack reminds us that if any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be adjusted and removed in time.

Avoid overcharging and overdischarging the harbor freight pallet jack battery as much as possible. Overcharging and overdischarging the battery will seriously affect the battery performance and life. After charging, check the battery liquid level and add distilled water in time to maintain the liquid level. Under normal circumstances, it is strictly forbidden to add dilute sulfuric acid. Good ventilation should be maintained when charging, and smoking is strictly prohibited. The drivable pallet jack warns us to charge carefully, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents and life safety. Electric pallet trucks have the characteristics of improving the efficiency of cargo handling and reducing labor intensity, and are widely used in workshops, pharmaceutical factories, warehouses, upstairs operations, narrow road operations, and long-distance transportation.

Routine maintenance is really important for a vehicle, have you learned it? Give your vehicle a full body inspection, always remember that our safety always comes first, and always ensure your own safety

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