How to inspect and assemble the oil cylinder of an electric forklift?


Published by NEWTON February 29,2024

In the daily maintenance and repair work of electric forklift, we cannot avoid disassembling the oil cylinder. After we disassemble the oil cylinder and complete the work, we need to clean the oil cylinder, dry it, inspect it, and then assemble the oil cylinder. How to inspect and assemble the oil cylinder? The electric forklift manufacturer will tell you about it.

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First of all, let's talk about the inspection of the piston cylinder of electric forklift. We need to check the inner wall of the cylinder for wear, grooves, scratches, and rust: check whether each weld joint is cracked, and whether the cylinder is bent or deformed. Next, you need to inspect the piston rod. To check whether the piston rod is bent: Check whether the piston has surface defects such as grooves, scratches, rust, and wear. Check whether the thread of the movable table rod is damaged. If damaged, repair it. If severely damaged (if more than 2 threads are damaged), replace it. Next, check the sealing ring, support ring, and dust ring. They should be inspected for deformation or damage on the outer or inner edges, and carefully inspect all sealing rings for aging and signs of damage. Let's talk about the inspection of the plunger cylinder. Check whether the cylinder block is bent and whether the welds are cracked: the plunger is bent and whether there are defects in front of the gauge. The electric forklift manufacturer tells everyone to check whether the sealing ring and dust enclosure are aged or damaged, and whether there are signs of friction on the sliding surface.

Let's take a look at how to assemble the oil cylinder of an electric forklift. All assemblies shall be qualified, and in case of one strand, all seals shall be replaced. First assemble the lifting plunger cylinder. We need to clean all components, heat the shaft seal ring and dustproof boiled water until they feel soft, and then put them into the guide sleeve in the correct direction (the opening surface of the seal ring faces the cylinder). Install the O-ring seal. Install the guide ring (key) into the key slot of the cylinder block, and after the guide sleeve is inserted into the cylinder block, press it until one key is exposed. Take out the guide ring, install the three key, and use the lifting cylinder guide sleeve puller to pull the guide sleeve to the appropriate position. The electric forklift manufacturer told everyone that we need to take out the guide sleeve puller, install the sleeve and spring retainer, coat the cleaned plunger rod surface with a little lubricating oil, and then install it into the cylinder block.

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Then is the assembly of the double acting oil cylinder of the electric forklift. Clean all parts, install the shaft heated with boiling water into the guide sleeve with a sealing ring, and then install the dust ring and O-ring. Install a support ring, two retaining rings, and two hole sealing rings on the piston in the correct direction (the opening of the Y-shaped sealing ring should still be at both ends). Install the piston rod with an O-shaped sealing ring, and then insert it into the guide sleeve (pay attention to the direction). Then, install the piston on the piston rod, and install two snap keys, a snap key cap, and a shaft spring retaining ring. The electric forklift manufacturer told everyone to install the guide ring of the oil cylinder in the three petal keyway, and the guide sleeve in the cylinder. Take out the guide ring, install the three petal key, pull the piston rod to restore the guide sleeve to contact with the three petal key, and install the sleeve and shaft spring retainer.

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