How to judge whether the hydraulic braking of electric forklift is ineffective?


Published by NEWTON February 29,2024

Regardless of the price and brand of forklift for sale, there is a possibility of minor failures, among which hydraulic braking is a very common failure. However, once this failure occurs, it is likely to cause safety issues and bring losses to the enterprise. How to accurately judge whether the hydraulic braking of an electric forklift is ineffective? The electric forklift manufacturer has told everyone that for this type of fault, its troubleshooting methods can be diagnosed in the following two states.

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First of all, to diagnose whether the hydraulic braking of an electric forklift has become ineffective, it is necessary for the forklift truck operator to step down the pedal while parking to generate pressure in the braking system, and then continue to apply force. If the pedal gradually drops, it indicates that there is a leak in the hydraulic system. By checking the leak, you can identify the specific location of the fault and tighten, repair, or replace it. Pressing the brake pedal to the bottom (in contact with the vehicle floor) indicates insufficient oil in the pump, excessive brake clearance, excessive pedal free travel, or air in the system. Further check the cause and eliminate it. If the pedal is continuously and repeatedly pressed, its working stroke should be reduced, that is, the pedal height should be gradually increased. Otherwise, regardless of the brand of the forklift for sale, it indicates that the vent hole in the master cylinder oil reservoir is blocked, or the oil replenishing hole in the cylinder block is blocked, so that the oil in the master cylinder cannot increase; The oil outlet valve (multiple valve) in the master cylinder is damaged, preventing the brake system oil pressure from increasing.

Secondly, the forklift operator needs to firmly press the brake pedal while the electric forklift is running. If the braking efficiency is poor, there is air in the hydraulic system; Or the friction coefficient of the brake friction plate becomes smaller; Or due to oil, poor material quality, or deterioration; Or the brake shoe support pin is rusty or rusty (occurs after the vehicle has been parked for a long time); Or the hydraulic oil pipe is blocked or the brake fluid is too thick. Further inspection shall be conducted based on the above conditions, and troubleshooting shall be conducted after confirmation. If there is air in the system, remove it. If the pipeline is blocked, clean it or replace the brake fluid. Regardless of the brand of the forklift for sale, if the brake shoe and support pin are rusted or the friction plate is damaged, it should be disassembled, verified, and eliminated.

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Electric forklift manufacturers tell everyone that no matter what your brand of forklift for sale, you should learn how to judge whether the hydraulic braking of electric forklift is sensitive. This is not only conducive to extending the life of electric forklift, but also conducive to ensuring the safety of forklift operators.

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