How to disassemble the threaded connection of an electric pallet jack?


Published by NEWTON February 29,2024

First, let's talk about the requirements for disassembling threaded connections on electric pallet jack. The main tools for disassembling threaded connections are various types of wrenches. The size of the wrench should be appropriate. Open end wrenches should be used instead of adjustable wrenches, and ring or socket wrenches should be used instead of open end wrenches. The correct selection of tools is conducive to protecting the nut. When disassembling threaded connections, it is not allowed to use the force application rod at will. Only when it is considered necessary to use special tools for disassembling special bolts and nuts that are heavily stressed, can the force application rod be used. Otherwise, the pallet jack manufacturer tells everyone that it is easy to cause damage to the tool and screw, increasing the difficulty of disassembly. When it is difficult to disassemble due to rust or other reasons, corresponding measures should be taken.

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Let's talk about the removal method of the stud bolts of the electric pallet jack. Use an eccentric wrench for disassembly, and if there is no special tool, it can be removed using the double nut method. It uses the nuts used for the two bolts themselves to simultaneously screw in the middle of the thread and tighten them relative to each other, so that the bolts can be removed in the same way as ordinary bolts. The stud bolt should not be removed with a pipe wrench, as it may easily damage the screw surface. Then is the removal method of the broken head screw. "Due to the lack of a head for wrench disassembly of a broken head screw, other measures must be taken. There are five methods: first, drill a hole of appropriate size on the broken head screw, drill a pyramid or form a reverse thread and insert the reverse screw, and then proceed in the usual direction of bolt disassembly: second, weld a nut on the broken head, and then proceed: third, if the broken head screw is slightly exposed to the surface of the workpiece, use a saw to saw a notch in the exposed part,", Then screw it out with a screwdriver; Fourth, you can choose a drill bit that is equivalent to the inner diameter of the thread, drill out all the screw parts, and then re tap. The pallet jack manufacturer has told everyone that for screws with larger diameters, it is also possible to use a hammer to reverse the removal along the outer edge of the screw.

The removal method for the rusty threaded connection of the electric pallet jack is as follows. When the threaded connection is rusted to death, it can generally be removed with kerosene. After standing for 20 to 30 minutes, it is supplemented with appropriate knocking and vibration to loosen the rust layer. Before screwing out, a small amount of oil can be injected into the tightening direction. If necessary, heat the nut according to the disassembly method of the tight fitting. The pallet jack manufacturer told everyone that the next step is to disassemble the electric pallet jack according to its structure and dimensions.

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When disassembling the parts (such as the half shaft) connected to the probe pin and cap of the electric pallet jack, the following precautions should be taken: First, in order to prevent uneven stress on the parts from causing deformation and damage, and due to excessive stress on individual screws, it is necessary to first remove each screw (or cap) by 0.5 to 1 turn, and then disassemble symmetrically. Second, it is necessary to first remove the screws (or caps) that are difficult to remove, otherwise, It will be more difficult to disassemble due to slight deformation and movement of part position. The pallet jack manufacturer has told everyone that for parts that may fall due to gravity after disassembly, it is important to ensure that the threaded connection that is finally removed has the ability to facilitate disassembly and maintain workpiece balance.

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