What should I do if the paper roll handling carts cannot be lifted up?


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

Paper roll handling carts

In life, the condition of the vehicle is actually uninterrupted. A vehicle cannot avoid some conditions and some accidents. Paper roll handling carts also sometimes have many conditions. Because the electric truck has a chain pull, it can be Lift up to load and unload goods, so that our lifting chain can't avoid the situation that it can't lift up, some people will be very confused in this situation, then the electric stacker supplier tells us not to rush in such a situation, it can be repaired .

The paper roll handling carts cannot be lifted, check whether the battery voltage of the electric forklift accessories is too low, and if the voltage is no problem, then check whether the battery power is sufficient for the normal operation of the electric forklift. The exclusion methods are: if the battery has no voltage or the voltage is too low, directly charge the battery to supplement the power. Check whether the electric forklift drive system accessories such as switches and lines are loose or short-circuited, and whether the microswitch is damaged. The electric stacker supplier told us the solution: repair and clean the line, replace or repair the micro switch.

Paper roll handling carts also check to open the key switch, the electricity meter does not display, check whether the key switch is in good condition, if it is in good condition, it means that the battery is out of power, continue to charge or replace the battery. The up button switch of the electric truck is broken, replace it, If the up button switch is good, check whether the contactor on the pump station is in good condition and whether the motor is in good condition. The electric stacker supplier reminds us that if the motor can work normally, but still does not lift, check whether there is hydraulic oil in the pumping station, or whether the pumping station is leaking oil.

If our problem is still not clear, we can ask professional maintenance personnel to solve it for us. We must repair it to avoid our body being unsafe, which will endanger our own safety, and don’t let things that shouldn’t happen happen. Protect yourself, protect your vehicle.

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