Why companies choose semi electric stacker f more than full electric stacker


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

 semi electric stackers

If we want to find out that companies choose semi electric stackers more than all-electric stackers, then we should figure out the cost-effectiveness of these two cars. We also know that companies are most interested in the price, and their money is not windy Come on, right, now we have to look at the functions of these two cars and the space used to decide the choice of this model. Fork truck manufacturers told us that choosing the right one can save a lot of money for the company.


First of all, what we are most concerned about is its price, because part of the semi electric stacker needs to be driven by manpower, so its cost is not as high as that of an all-electric push car, but the semi electric stacker f has a very small body and is driven by manpower. It's not very strenuous when it's moving, which is his advantage, so it won't be too labor-intensive to push, and it won't make people feel too much effort, but it is also combined with our electric lift, so There is no need to spend any manpower to drag it upwards. Fork truck manufacturers remind you to save manpower and money. Enterprises are definitely willing to choose such a device.

Moreover, the volume of the all-electric stacker is larger than that of the semi electric stacker, and the width of the channel required is wider, so that it can turn smoothly; it is not very convenient in some small warehouses, and the semi electric stacker f is mostly used to lift items, so The requirements for the width of the channel are relatively low. Fork truck manufacturers suggest that its body maintenance is also cheaper than all-electric stackers. We also know that maintenance of any car is actually a very expensive thing, but because its compactness is not as big as all-electric ones, Its maintenance costs are also not as high as that of an all-electric stacker.

Our semi electric stacker f vehicles are used in small storage, and now large-scale electric vehicles are emerging, our semi electric stacker f can still be produced and produced, which also has its certain advantages. Abandoned can have a certain value.

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