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Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

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The Application and Characteristics of the New Newton Forklift Electric Forklift Special Saab H-Series Speed Control System The H-series controller designed by ZAPI Electric Company in Italy for electric vehicle control is a device that integrates MOSFET field-effect transistors, field-effect transistor control circuits, and protective devices, and performs voltage and current regulation control on DC electric motors. The HO type speed controller is intended for use on 0.5 (0.4) ton electric forklifts produced after 2000, with a working voltage of 24V, a maximum allowable current of 230A, a rated current of 200A per minute, and a working current of 80A per hour. In recent years, many 0.5t battery cars have been equipped with H1 type speed control controllers, with a maximum working current of 300A; The H2B type speed controller is mainly used on larger tonnage electric traction vehicles, suitable for battery voltage of 24V~96V, and maximum control current of 400A; Under the working condition of 170A working current for 1 hour, the rate of controlling the direct excitation motor is within the range of 2kW~15kW.

electric forklifts

Compared with traditional thyristor controllers, the new Newton forklift electric vehicle speed controller has the following characteristics: ①. The electric forklift controller has a high working frequency, up to 18kHz. The working current of the motor and battery is stable, reducing the impact current and extending the service life of the motor; ② It has a self diagnostic circuit with powerful functions, which can detect the whole system in time, protect the system in case of fault and display it through the LED. The system is job security and reliable, and it is more convenient to judge and find faults; ③ The functional type, configuration, and system parameters of the controller can be set as needed; ④ The chopper is equipped with a contactor coil absorption circuit inside, and the contactor contacts can achieve arc free breaking; ⑤ The logic control board and the power unit are placed in the same confined space to avoid the erosion of water, acid, gas and dust; It is very convenient to repair and replace the controller; G uses MOSFET power transistor to control the motor circuit, with a small transistor drop, which can reduce the loss of electricity and reduce the heating capacity of the controller; ⑥ The logic card in the controller has a battery level monitoring function. When the battery level is low, it can provide timely alarm indication to prevent excessive discharge of the battery from shortening its lifespan.

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The new Newton forklift is equipped with a powerful handheld unit. Electric forklifts can record the working time of the controller, record the last 5 faults or incorrect actions, record the temperature and time at the time of the fault: the type and parameters of control can be set, and real-time display of parameters such as motor current, voltage, battery voltage, and circuit connection status can be displayed.

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