Why does the forklift 2 ton drain so fast when accelerating?


Published by NEWTON May 25,2022

forklift 2 ton

In the current environment where the country advocates green environmental protection, there are very good opportunities for the development of forklift manufacturers in china. However, we will encounter a problem more or less, that is, when the forklift 2 ton device is fully charged, once it accelerates, it will directly reduce the electricity by 1-2 grids. Many driver friends are very puzzled by this. Then we will analyze this situation.

Compared with the traditional fuel forklift, the electric forklift of forklift manufacturers in china, the driving of forklift 2 ton is easy to learn and the purchase price is relatively much cheaper. But electric forklifts have a very big problem, durability and charging. What everyone should pay attention to here is that when the device starts, the voltage will be reduced and the power consumption will be higher, that is to say, even if you do not use the electric forklift, its battery will be in a state of discharge.

forklift 2 ton

Secondly, after the forklift 2 ton is fully charged, it will not be used for a long time. During this period, although the equipment is not working, the battery is always in a state of discharge. Therefore, the electric forklift appears to be full of electricity during use, but as long as it accelerates, it will immediately lose one or two grids of electricity, which is less That part of the electricity is what we often call "virtual electricity". Here forklift manufacturers in china would like to remind everyone that if the battery of the electric forklift is not used for a long time, it will be damaged, because the electrolyte in the battery will react, resulting in poor power storage performance.

There is also a case where the forklift 2 ton will experience aging in its circuit after long-term use. At this time, the resistance of the electric forklift will increase, so that the battery storage capacity is transferred between circuits. Because the resistance is too large, the current will directly decrease, and the current will be unstable even if the battery is fully charged. Forklift manufacturers in china said that if a battery in an electric forklift is broken and the electric forklift is used for a long time, once a battery fails, its resistance will also increase and the power will decrease accordingly. Therefore, if the battery of the electric forklift is found to be insufficient, it is necessary to check whether the battery is damaged.

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