10 simple ways to effectively reduce the cost of forklifts (Part 1)


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

Towmotor forklift maintenance can effectively extend the life of the articulated forklift and is also a guarantee of safe work, so that your towmotor forklift can be in optimal working condition at any time. In some logistics distribution centers and warehouses that require high logistics efficiency, due to the large daily shipments, in order to reduce the logistics cost, the articulated forklift is almost 24 hours working, then how do we carry out simple maintenance on the towmotor forklift to protect our work? What about efficiency?

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1. Articulated forklift should always change the wearable wheels. This is a must-do job. It is like a sports car. Due to the full load, the towmotor forklift wheel wears very seriously. Therefore, the running car race must have a better tire to run. . The same applies to articulated forklift, such as internal combustion towmotor forklift and electric articulated forklift, which use tires. The tires wear out or even block the forks, which will make the towmotor forklift unstable during the work and generate huge vibrations. This is great for electrical systems and hydraulic systems. hurt. Therefore, when choosing a articulated forklift, we choose a more wear-resistant towmotor forklift tire. In addition, we choose a articulated forklift according to the actual conditions of the road. When choosing a towmotor forklift, pay attention to the material and type of the articulated forklift wheel. See if the towmotor forklift requires tires for the shock wheel or the load wheel. What kind of characteristics do the materials and hardness of the articulated forklift wheel have? (For example: the polyurethane wheel is often used.) For indoor towmotor forklift, such as electric pallet trucks and electric stackers, because they are wear-resistant and have low noise, the shock-absorbing wheels are used when the ground is not very flat.)

2. Keep the working environment of the articulated forklift clean, and pay attention to the cleaning work of the towmotor forklift. For articulated forklift working in environments such as warehouses and production workshops, there are generally some sundries such as wooden pallet chips, cling film, garbage, rags, production waste, etc., if they are wrapped around fork wheels or towmotor forklift tires, especially manual trucks. And manual stacking, will have a profound impact on work efficiency, so check the articulated forklift, remove the impact of these debris on the work of the towmotor forklift, and always clean the ground of the articulated forklift workplace, even consider plastic pallets or metal A tray is used instead of a wooden tray.

3. Towmotor forklift should add hydraulic oil and lubricating oil in time. The articulated forklift machinery needs more maintenance. The lack of hydraulic oil will cause the towmotor forklift to fail to reach the rated height and rated load of its work, which will also affect the working efficiency.

4. Operate the articulated forklift according to the operation manual of the towmotor forklift. Do not operate it by mistake. If the operation is light, it will damage the towmotor forklift. If it is heavy, it will cause a articulated forklift accident.

5, reduce the impact damage to the articulated forklift, in the too narrow aisle, be careful, it is best to arrange a well-trained towmotor forklift driver to work in this distance, and pay attention to the articulated forklift vibration alarm and turn indicator lights, to avoid hitting people, etc. .

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