How to drive the electric forklift correctly at low temperatures?


Published by NEWTON June 21,2024

The battery replaces the manpower of the manual forklift, and its use advantages are also obvious. However, the technicians of the pallet stacker truck have questioned whether the electric counterbalance forklift can drive normally at low temperatures. In fact, electric pallet stacker truck can work under low temperature conditions. So what problems should the electric counterbalance forklift pay attention to when working under low temperature conditions?

pallet stacker truck 2 

First, in the cold climate, the working surface of the electric pallet stacker truck is easy to freeze and slip, and the counterbalance forklift staff should prohibit sharp turns and sudden braking. Although the performance of the electric pallet stacker truck is good enough, we should take the corresponding anti-skid measures of the counterbalance forklift to cope with the bad cold weather.

Second, the low temperature conditions have high maintenance requirements for all parts of the pallet stacker truck. We can use the lubricating oil to properly maintain the electric counterbalance forklift parts such as the chassis and engine of the electric pallet stacker truck. The electric counterbalance forklift equipment should be started slowly to speed up the low temperature running-in.

Third, the electric pallet stacker truck battery is prone to "frozen cracking" under low temperature conditions. For long-term parking of the electric counterbalance forklift before the start, the pallet stacker truck operator can add a certain amount of cooling antifreeze. This shows the importance of electric counterbalance forklift preheating in the cold season.

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Most of the recent areas are at low temperatures and snowfall, which has extremely high requirements for the operation of electric pallet stacker truck. I hope that everyone can regulate the electric counterbalance forklift according to the problem that electric pallet stacker truck should pay attention to in the case of ensuring the normal operation of the electric counterbalance forklift.


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