The advantages of small electric forklift fully free lifting mast


Published by NEWTON November 29,2021

small electric forklift

There are two ways to lift the mast of a small electric forklift, one is the ordinary mast hoisting method, and the other is the full-free lifting mast. The rational use of these two methods can not only reduce costs, but also improve work efficiency. The standard model sold by forklift manufacturers in china is an ordinary lifting mast, and the upgraded model is a fully free lifting mast electric forklift.

The full-free lifting function is mainly embodied in the high-lift small electric forklift. The mast of such a high-lift forklift generally has a two-section or three-section door structure. During the lifting process of such a mast, there will always be the question of whether the fork lifts first or the mast lifts first.

For ordinary small electric forklifts, the mast is raised first, and then the forks are raised. If this kind of lifting method is used in a low operating space, the mast has been ordered to the ceiling, and the fork has not been raised to the corresponding height. This kind of ordinary mini electric forklift is not suitable for operation in the container. 

small electric forklift

What is a small electric forklift suitable for working in a container? Forklift manufacturers in china will advise customers to choose a small electric forklift with full freedom. This small electric forklift has a wide range of applications and strong environmental adaptability, which is conducive to use in low environments. Its working method is: the fork lifts first when the fork lift is executed, and after it reaches a certain height, the mast of the mini electric forklift then lifts.

The two-section or three-section small electric forklift produced by forklift manufacturers in china will consist of an inner and an outer mast. The forks installed on the main frame and the gantry (fork frame) are raised and lowered together with the help of rollers installed on the guide rails of the inner main frame. The mast has a high lifting force to achieve the function of lifting and lowering. There are also guide wheels between the inner door frame and the outer door frame. In addition, the key to determining whether the small electric forklift can achieve full free lift is the installation method and position of the sprocket. When the sprocket is installed on the top of the inner mast, the mast of the small electric forklift will be lifted first, so that the free lifting of the fork cannot be realized. When the sprocket is installed on the outer mast, the mini electric forklift will first lift the fork when performing the lifting action, and then the mast will follow the lift. The speed is slower than the lifting speed of the fork, which is about 0.5 times the lifting speed of the fork. .

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