Why can't the small electric forklift rise?


Published by NEWTON May 05,2023

small electric forklift

The failure of a small electric forklift to lift depends on whether it cannot lift at all or is weak, the load is not lifted properly, or there is a sudden stop and intermittent during the lifting process. These are related to many aspects, such as: Is the connection plug of the electric pallet stacker loose? Is there any damage in the electrical box? The battery power is sufficient, etc., the following forklift manufacturers in china-new Newton forklift will analyze in detail for you.

First of all, let's take a look at the small electric forklift, whether the connection plug between the battery and the distribution box is loose. If it is a simple loosening, please tighten it. If the link is damaged or loosened, replace the parts. What are the links?

small electric forklift

1. Check whether the fuse in the electric pallet stacker distribution box is disconnected. If it is disconnected, just connect it.

2. Check if the wiring pile head is loose or damaged? Should it be repaired or replaced?

3. Is the battery of the small electric forklift damaged? Is the battery low and needs to be charged or it is damaged and cannot be charged normally. It is recommended to replace the battery if it is damaged.

4. When checking whether the battery is damaged, pay attention to whether there is any problem with the charger. Use the elimination method to charge the electric pallet stacker with two chargers. If neither of them can be charged, it is a problem with the battery. One can be charged and the other cannot be charged. The above is the problem of the charger. The charger needs to be replaced or repaired.

small electric forklift

Secondly, let’s take a look at the hydraulic system of the small electric forklift. If the lift is weak, forklift manufacturers in china will consider the hydraulic system. First, check whether the lifting motor of the electric pallet stacker can work normally; then check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, the hydraulic pump station, and the hydraulic cylinder are damaged in hardware and need to be repaired or replaced.

The above question about the failure of small electric forklift to rise is shared by forklift manufacturers in china-New Newton forklift.

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