Is pallet jack electric or hydraulic?


Published by NEWTON May 05,2023

pallet jack

Is pallet jack electric or hydraulic? This problem needs to be defined according to our own needs. Users who move less goods, have a small workload, and have a short distance to move, naturally choose a manual forklift. If we have a heavy workload, carry heavy goods, and have a long travel distance, it is recommended to choose semi electric stacker.

The hydraulic pallet jack is called manual forklift. This model is safe and durable, small in size and flexible in turning, and it does not take up space for storage. Moreover, the method of using human power to drive the hydraulic system to raise the cargo is first of all environmentally friendly. So what are the things that are sufficient to use a manual forklift?

pallet jack

1. Before using the pallet jack, check whether the basic parts are damaged. If any damage is found, stop using it. If you need to repair or replace parts, you have to contact professional maintenance personnel or contact your own forklift manufacturers in china. During the period of waiting for maintenance, the manual forklift should be parked, and a warning sign of "Forklift failure, prohibited use" should be placed next to it.

2. Pay attention to the surrounding environment when using the pallet jack, not just the hardware, but also the air condition. Both manual forklift and semi electric stacker are not suitable for use in environments with corrosive gases.

pallet jack

3. It is strictly forbidden to overload the pallet jack, and the load and increase ratio must be strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements of forklift manufacturers in china. Don't let luck.

4. The cargo center of the pallet jack must not be offset. Whether it is manual forklift or semi electric stacker, it must be loaded regularly.

Forklift manufacturers in china remind friends that when the cargo is lifted, it is not allowed to move and walk when the cargo is lifted, especially for turning operations. Lower the fork before moving.

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