How to improve employees' learning ability


Published by NEWTON May 25,2022

There are three ways to improve learning ability:

method one:

First of all, learning can be divided into three steps, which are to select a problem to be solved in the work; determine the scope and order of learning according to the urgency of the need; practically apply the content learned to solve specific problems. For example, accumulate experience in the sales process of small electric forklift. Familiar with the internal structure and working principle of mini electric forklift.

Method Two:

The most efficient way to learn is to build a knowledge system framework from one's original experience, and when new knowledge is learned, supplements and amendments are made on the basis of the original framework.

There are three main types of personal knowledge system frameworks, namely, the knowledge framework system based on the work process, the professional knowledge framework system based on the business field, and the competence knowledge system based on professional goals. The business personnel of small electric forklift and the technical personnel of mini electric forklift all need their own knowledge system framework.

The knowledge system framework based on the workflow is the foundation of the other two frameworks, and its status is equivalent to the foundation of the building. Based on the professional knowledge framework of the business field, it is necessary to organize the knowledge according to the corresponding principles and laws, and build the framework layer by layer.

Method three:

With transferable knowledge, can a job last a lifetime? Those times are gone forever, and job-hopping and career changes happen from time to time. There are certain barriers between industries. Do you have to be job novices in different industries? If we have the ability to transfer knowledge and skills. You can avoid the embarrassment of starting from scratch. The ability to transfer is to transfer what is learned in one scene to another new environment, saving a lot of time and energy from scratch. For example, the expertise of small electric forklift technicians is transferable knowledge. The personal connections of the sales staff of mini electric forklift, etc.

How to improve migration capabilities? First, organize previous knowledge and experience. The better the prior knowledge and experience are organized, the faster the new knowledge will be learned. Second, use it in diverse scenarios. Master a wider range of applications and understand different conditions of use. Thirdly, a higher level of abstraction of knowledge is carried out, including generalizing multiple specific cases and abstracting them into question types.

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