How to determine the cost performance of manual forklift, semi electric stacker


Published by NEWTON November 29,2021

manual forklift

Before choosing a stacker or forklift, we must first determine our daily continuous use time, load and elevated demand. As the production technology of small electric forklift matures, the product specifications and classification of stacker trucks on the market are becoming more and more detailed. Forklift manufacturers in china will not recommend customers to use forklifts based on the technical level of the products, but recommend cost-effective products based on customer needs.

In the early stage of customer consultation, when we have not determined whether to use manual forklift, semi electric stacker or small electric forklift, we often first understand the customer's load, lift, operating time, and budget.

semi electric stacker

In terms of efficiency, the small electric forklift is nothing more than the most efficient vehicle, but if the customer does not use it several times a month, and the cargo is not heavy, and the lifting height is less than 1.6 meters, forklift manufacturers in china will recommend the customer to use manual forklift. The most important thing is that the client's budget is limited, and manual forklift is the first choice.

To increase efficiency, the essential difference between manual forklift, semi electric stacker, and small electric forklift should be here. Lifting speed: manual forklift rises by stepping, and it can lift 1600mm when stepping on 100 times. It takes about 2.5 minutes. Of course this is empty car data. Is it estimated to be doubled if it is loaded? Electric lift: The lift of the semi electric stacker is the same as the speed of the all-electric stacker, about 10CM/S, and it takes about 16S to lift 1.6 meters. Greatly improve work efficiency.

small electric forklift

Walking speed comparison: forklift manufacturers in china do not need specific data to evaluate walking efficiency. Manual forklift is human, semi-electric is human, and small electric forklift is electric. In this way, small electric forklift is the most efficient. Then let's look at the comparison of the walking speed of semi-electric and manual forklift. If the weight of the two stackers is 1 ton, the semi electric stacker needs to add its own weight, while the manual forklift's own weight is not that large, so the push and pull will be easier than the semi-electric stacker.

Comparison of continuous working time: Whether it is a semi electric stacker and a full small electric forklift, the working time of the standard battery is about 3-4 hours. The continuous use time of a manual forklift is unlimited, but it consumes a lot of manpower. To maintain a long working time, you must first make sure that the manpower is sufficient.

From the comparison of the data provided by forklift manufacturers in china above, it can be seen that which model to choose does not depend on the level of technology, but on its cost-effectiveness.

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