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Published by NEWTON June 23,2022


New Newton is not only a forklift companies that produces and sells forklifts, but also a forklift attachment manufacturers and forklift parts manufacturer.

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NEW NEWTON (Taizhou) FORKLIFT TRUCK CO. ,Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise forklift companies. The NEW NEWTON brand is a new series of warehousing and logistics equipment brands in recent years, and is also a forklift attachment manufacturers. The factory covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters and the production workshop covers more than 2,000 square meters. New Newton Forklift companies has been engaged in forklift sales for nearly 20 years and has been engaged in forklift production for nearly 10 years. In the past decade, New Newton forklift attachment manufacturers have continued to develop and expand their products. Today, the mature New Newton forklift companies makes customers more worry-free and save money. New Newton Forklift companies has high-tech technicians, 100T hydraulic presses, large EDM cutting centers, welding robots, large surface treatment machines, drying lines and fully automatic spraying lines imported from the UK; the company's equipment production capacity reaches 1 million sets of trucks. And the production level of the stacker. (forklift attachment manufacturers) 

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The New Newton forklift companies is also a forklift parts manufacturer, mainly engaged in the manufacture, warranty, maintenance, overhaul and technical consultation of various models of its own brands, generator sets and industrial engines. The new Newton forklift attachment manufacturer has several mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, repair technicians and experienced repair personnel. New Newton forklift parts manufacturers are equipped with comprehensive Newton machine repair tools and testing equipment, and specialized repair workshops to provide users with high quality and efficient maintenance services. New Newton Forklift companies has been committed to the service commitments of its customers for many years and has provided original spare parts for many years.(forklift attachment manufacturers)(forklift parts manufacturers)

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 New Newton Forklift companies Management Policy

1.Quality and trust (forklift parts manufacturer) (forklift attachment manufacturers) 

Pursuing "quality and trust" and maximizing corporate value is the basis of the operation of New Newton Forklift companies. For Newton, "Quality and Trust" does not only mean providing customers with satisfactory products and services, it is a fundamental starting point for all actions in all organizations, businesses and the entire business process. In order to implement this policy, New Newton has put forward five principles, which are the operating guidelines of the new Newton forklift attachment manufacturers and the guide for each employee's daily work. (Forklift Parts Manufacturer) (Forklift Company)

● New Newton Forklift companies always strives to provide users with environmentally friendly, safe and creative products and services from the perspective of users.

● New Newton forklift accessory manufacturers are constantly pursuing self-innovation in technology and management.(forklift attachment manufacturers)

● New Newton forklift parts manufacturers promote the company's operation and management from a global perspective.  (Forklift Parts Manufacturer)

● New Newton Forklift Company is a good corporate citizen and contributes to the local community. (forklift attachment manufacturers)

● New Newton forklift accessory manufacturers provide employees with a creative and challenging stage. (Forklift companies)

2. Emphasis on Corporate Governance.(Forklift Parts Manufacturer) 

Maximizing corporate value means not only maximizing the company's stock price to maximize the company's total market capitalization, but also pursuing sales and pursuing profits, and more importantly, maximizing the interests of all stakeholders, especially corporate customers. Satisfaction, build a system that sustainably and steadily increases corporate value. (Forklift Parts Manufacturer)(forklift attachment manufacturers)

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The head of the New Newton Forklift companies must constantly strive to establish a management system that emphasizes "quality and trust", and must consciously assume the company's social responsibility, down-to-earth and steady operation. The company should give full play to the role of the company's leadership, improve the company's internal governance system, improve business transparency, and effectively strengthen corporate governance. (forklift attachment manufacturers)(Forklift Parts Manufacturer)

3.Promoting product manufacturing (forklift companies) (forklift attachment manufacturers)

"Product Manufacturing" is the source of New Newton's competitiveness.

The product manufacturing pursued by New Newton Forklift companies is to adhere to the new Newtonian characteristic product manufacturing system, provide customers with satisfactory products and services, and continuously develop more environmentally friendly, safer and more creative products. (Forklift parts manufacturer)

In the past two decades, New Newton Forklift companies has been in charge of the service concept of “service + cooperation = sales> sales promotion, grateful to all those who need service, to help all those who need help, to share the mission of all those who need to share. New Newton forklift parts manufacturers have won unanimous praise from new and old customers from all walks of life for their excellent quality, affordable price and excellent after-sales service.

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