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Published by NEWTON May 25,2022

counterbalance pallet stacker

Today, the counterbalance pallet stacker produced by forklift manufacturers in china has become a very common handling equipment in factories and warehouses. The use of this equipment will not only reduce operating costs, but also protect the working environment to a certain extent, because this equipment has the characteristics of environmental protection and noise reduction. But no matter how good the equipment is, if the maintenance work is not done well, the service life will not be long. Therefore, today we will talk about how to prevent the failure of the counterbalance pallet stacker.

Before that, forklift manufacturers in china first come to understand the reasons for the failure of the counterbalance pallet stacker. In fact, most of the reasons here are from man-made sources. We can recall, is there a case of careless maintenance of the carburetor, and the spring spacer fell into the intake pipe? This will cause the piston to become invalid. In addition, if the antifreeze water blockage loosens the oil pan and water enters it and the crankshaft timing gear is damaged due to early collision, it is easy to find a bulge, and the bulge will push the timing gear on the camshaft. , resulting in abnormal engine noise.

In addition, the sealing ring on the valve guide of the counterbalance pallet stacker was improperly installed, causing the exhaust pipe to drip with oil, and some noises would appear at this time, but the staff who heard the abnormal noise did not take corresponding emergency measures in time, and the result was that the shaft was scrapped. In addition, if the connecting rod bolts are tightened too tightly, it will damage the engine ram cylinder. Forklift manufacturers in china hope that the majority of staff will pay attention to this.

counterbalance pallet stacker

The following forklift manufacturers in china are teaching you a way to prevent oil leakage. In the daily maintenance process, we need to do a good job in the maintenance of various gaskets, such as: the oil pan or valve cover is not easy to be compacted due to the large touch area, and oil leakage will occur. The oil leaking from the oil seal at the rear of the crankshaft will enter the clutch, which will not only consume oil, but also cause the clutch plate to slip and burn. When the cooperation gap between the main bearing and the journal is too large, the front and rear oil seals will lose their tightness and cause oil leakage in the crankshaft head, or oil will seep in the clutch, resulting in pollution and slippage of the friction plates.

There is no way to prevent it. According to the parts service life list provided by forklift manufacturers in china, each counterbalance pallet stacker will have a parts usage statistics table, and the starting time of each wearing part and the equipment operation time (in hours) are calculated as The specific records are compared with the service life table. As long as the time in the service life list provided by the manufacturer is reached, the parts should be replaced in time.

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