What principles do you need to follow to charge electric pallet stacker?


Published by NEWTON August 11,2020

In recent years, forklifts have become more and more common in our production and life, and forklifts are widely used in various environments. With the increase in demand, the sales of forklifts are increasing day by day, and electric pallet stacker are the most popular among various forklift equipments. Compared with internal combustion forklifts, electric pallet stacker have less environmental pollution and are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but there are some things to pay attention to when charging stacker. Today, electric pallet stacker suppliers explain to everyone what principles to follow when charging electric stacker.

electric pallet stacker suppliers

1. During the charging process of the electric pallet stacker, in order to prevent the damage of electrical components and plugs, do not unplug the battery or turn off the power switch.

2.  Since the battery will generate gas during the charging process of the electric pallet stacker, the charging place should be kept well ventilated and there is no open flame around.

electric pallet stacker suppliers

3. The temperature of the electrolyte during the charging of the electric pallet stacker must not exceed 45°C. Otherwise, you should try to reduce the temperature. For example, take measures such as reducing the charging current, artificially cooling the temperature, or suspending the charging. Continue to charge after the temperature drops

The above are the principles for electric pallet stacker charging given by electric pallet stacker suppliers. Operators should strictly follow these principles to avoid affecting the normal use of the forklift. If you want to know more questions, you are welcome to contact us.

electric pallet stacker suppliers

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