Application of Driving and Control Devices for Electric Forklifts


Published by NEWTON May 29,2024

electric forklift manufacturers

1.Control of Electric Forklift Steering Wheel . Forklifts and tractors are a type of working machinery that, while traveling, also requires the manipulation of working devices for operation. The correct explanation from electric forklift manufacturers for holding the steering wheel of forklifts is: hold the sharp turn handle on the steering wheel with your left hand, and mainly use your left hand to grasp the steering wheel. When there is no need to manipulate other devices or make sharp turns, your right hand can assist your left hand in pushing and pulling the steering wheel. For tractor steering wheels, do not use excessive force when turning the steering wheel, and do not turn the steering wheel in place after the forklift or tractor stops, To avoid damaging the steering components. When a forklift is driving on uneven roads or making sharp turns, it should hold the steering wheel tightly and the left hand should not release the turning handle to avoid injuring its own wrist and fingers.
2. Control of the accelerator pedal of electric forklifts. The accelerator pedal is operated by the right foot. When operating, lightly step on the pedal with the sole of your foot, with your heel resting on the bottom of the cab, and use this as a fulcrum. When stepping down or releasing the accelerator pedal with the flexion and extension action of your foot joint, the electric motor circuit is connected and the speed increases as the accelerator pedal continues to be pressed; Slow down or stop the speed when relaxing. The manufacturer of electric forklifts reminds that when stepping or releasing pedals, the force should be gentle and not too fast. It is necessary to achieve "light stepping and slow lifting", and not to step or release or continuously shake without reason. During the operation of a forklift or tractor, the right foot should be lightly placed on the accelerator pedal at all times, except for the brake pedal, even if the forklift is sliding. Do not forcefully accelerate the pedal before parking.

electric forklift manufacturers

3. Control of the brake pedal of electric forklifts. The brake pedal is operated by the right foot. When manipulating, the accelerator pedal should be relaxed first, and then the right foot should be pressed on the brake pedal, and the knee or foot joint should be bent or extended to step down or relax. The stroke and speed of stepping down the brake pedal should be determined based on different braking devices and required braking effects, using methods such as immediately fully stepping down, first lightly stepping down and then gradually increasing, and releasing as you step down to achieve deceleration or parking. Electric forklift manufacturers remind that in addition to implementing emergency braking in emergency situations, it is generally recommended to "step slowly and gently, and quickly release", especially when the forklift is heavily loaded, otherwise it may cause the goods to scatter and even be damaged.
When electric forklifts (tractors) implement parking brakes during rapid driving or downhill operations, they should first step on the brake pedal, reduce the speed, and then turn off the electric lock switch to achieve parking.

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