Function and classification of braking systems for electric forklifts


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

electric forklifts

Jiangsu Electric Forklift Manufacturers: Apply resistance to electric forklifts in motion to consume the kinetic energy of the vehicle, forcing it to slow down and stop completely; When parking, preventing it from moving on its own is called braking the electric forklift; The system used to brake a vehicle is called a braking system.
1. The functions and requirements of the braking system. The main functions of the braking system are: ① to force the vehicle to slow down or stop as needed; ② Ensure that the vehicle is parked in its original position (even if there is a certain slope) and cannot automatically slide.

electric forklifts

The requirements for the braking system are: ① there should be sufficient braking force to ensure that the braking distance meets the requirements at a certain speed; ② Lightweight and flexible operation; ③ The braking quality is good, and the braking force of each wheel is basically the same when braking; ④ Good braking balance, the braking force can quickly and horizontally increase during braking, and can also be quickly and completely released; The braking system should facilitate clearance adjustment and maintenance.
2. Composition and classification of braking systems. Electric forklifts, electric tractors, and internal combustion forklifts generally have two independent braking devices (systems) for their braking systems, namely the service braking and parking braking devices (systems).

electric forklifts

The service brake device, also known as the foot brake device, is operated by the driver through the foot pedal and is mainly used for braking, deceleration, or parking during vehicle operation. The parking brake device, also known as the hand brake device, is operated by the driver through the brake handle. It is mainly used for parking on a slope or after the vehicle has stopped, to reliably keep it in place and prevent slipping.
At present, Jiangsu electric forklift manufacturers use dry friction brakes on both electric forklifts and electric tractors. According to different structural types, brakes can be divided into several types: shoe type (drum type), disc type, and belt type; According to different transmission methods, it can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic types.

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