Daily maintenance of electric forklifts and electric tractor


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

electric forklifts

(1) Daily maintenance of electric forklifts
During daily maintenance of electric forklifts, the main focus is on cleaning the exterior of the entire vehicle, lubrication, and external inspection. The specific maintenance content is:
1. Remove dust, debris, and oil stains from the surface of the electric forklift door frame, fork frame, oil cylinder, front axle, body, rear axle, and various visible parts;
2. According to the lubrication table, lubricate all specified parts of the electric forklift;
3. Check the guide wheels of the gantry and fork frames; Chain; Pins for door frames, forks, and oil cylinders; Fork and protective frames; Oil nozzles, oil plugs, and oil covers at each lubrication point; Whether all fasteners are normal and complete;
4. Check the wires and connectors of the electrical system of the electric forklift; Fuses and fuses; Backup switch; Each lighting lamp; Horn and button; Each instrument; Operate the multi way directional valve; Control circuit; Whether the battery, control device, etc. meet the requirements;
5. Check the multi way directional valve of the hydraulic system of the electric forklift to raise, lower, and tilt the empty gantry to the limit position; Further testing at rated load; Test whether the hydraulic steering device is reliable;
6. Check the tires of the walking mechanism of the electric forklift; Drive axle and steering system performance; Braking system performance;
7. Further inspection and troubleshooting of electric forklifts.

electric traction

(2) Daily maintenance of electric traction vehicles
1. Clean and wipe the exposed parts of the electric traction vehicle battery of oil dirt and dust;
2. Check and tighten the screws and nuts of the components of the electric tractor;
3. Check whether the liquid level height and electrolyte specific gravity of the battery meet the specified values; Whether the plug is tightened and whether the air outlet is unobstructed; Check if the battery voltage is below the specified value
4. Check whether the connectors of the electrical external wiring are secure;
5. Check if the audio, lighting, direction switch, and brake switch are effective; Check whether each indicator works normally;
6. Check and remove acid and dust from the surface of the battery;
7. Check whether the braking and steering mechanism of the electric traction work normally.

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