First level maintenance of electric forklifts and electric tractors


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

 electric forklifts

(1) First level maintenance of electric forklifts
The first level maintenance mainly focuses on visual inspection and external clearance adjustment. For the first level maintenance of electric forklifts, the specific contents are as follows:
1. Complete the daily maintenance requirements and meet the technical requirements
2. Lubricate according to the lubrication table;
3. Check the gantry guide wheel, fork guide wheel, and lateral guide wheel of the gantry mechanism and adjust the clearance; Check the gantry and strip
4. Check the speed controller, microswitch, and foot brake interlock switch of the electrical system; Check all wires and connections; Check the motor commutator;
5. Check the lifting cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder, and movable (column) plug rod of the hydraulic system of the electric forklift; Clean the fuel tank filler filter screen; Each hydraulic component should have no external leakage, each hydraulic component should be firmly fixed, and each oil pipe should not be damaged or leaked. If the adjustment is ineffective, the oil seal should be replaced;
6. Check the drive axle and braking system of the electric forklift. When rotating, the two wheels should run the same, and when braking, the two wheels should be synchronized without any looseness in the wheels; Adjust the clearance between the brake drum and the friction plate; Adjust the handbrake; There should be no abnormal noise in the drive axle and gearbox during operation inspection;
7. Check the steering axle and steering system. Check the limit position of the steering wheel; Adjust the tightness of the wheel bearings; Check the wear of the main pin, check the clearances inside the steering gear, and check the clearance of the pull rod ball; Steering wheel free angle steering wheel tangential direction pull force; Add sufficient lubricating oil; Each component should not have cracks or obvious deformation.
8. Check that the fastening bolts and nuts of the electric forklift frame are complete and free from looseness, and there are no cracks, fractures, cracked welds, or obvious deformations in all parts.


electric tractors

(2) First level maintenance of electric traction vehicles
For the first level maintenance of electric traction vehicles, the specific content is as follows
1. Complete various daily maintenance tasks; 2. Clean and wipe the dust and oil dirt on the surfaces of all parts and inside the machine body except for daily maintenance 3. Check and adjust the pedal travel of the commander. There should be appropriate travel from turning on the start switch to running the vehicle 4. Check whether the runaway protection circuit works normally (that is, turn on the electric lock, short circuit the armature connector of the running motor to the housing, and it is normal if the relay J is pulled in and the indicator light is off);
5. Check if the battery poles are corroded and if the seals are cracked;
6. Check the battery box for corrosion and open welding;
7. The brake device of electric traction vehicles has a free brake pedal (one is 15mm), and the distance between the brake wheel and the brake pad (usually 1mm~2mm);
8. Lubricate according to the lubrication table.

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