Fault phenomenon and steering problem of electric forklift oil pump not working


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

electric forklift manufacturer

The malfunction of the electric forklift oil pump that does not work first requires us to inspect the oil pump circuit. The electric forklift manufacturer reminds us that since the oil pump circuit is not controlled by the governor control board and is directly controlled by the oil pump switch, the oil circuit malfunction will only occur in the external circuit. The main manifestation of oil circuit failure is that the oil pump motor cannot operate normally. When checking, the first step is to check whether the seat or handle switch is closed; Check whether the oil circuit fuse is burnt out, whether the oil pump switch is in good contact, or whether there is a short circuit, open circuit, or mechanical jamming in the contactor switch. Check for short circuits, open circuits, and good contact of the brushes between the two windings of the motor.

electric forklift manufacturer

What is the reason why electric forklifts cannot turn? Electric forklift manufacturers first troubleshoot the steering circuit, and since the steering circuit contactor is controlled by the governor control board, there are internal circuit faults and external circuit faults in the steering circuit. When checking, the external circuit should be checked first to determine if there is a fault in the internal circuit based on troubleshooting the external circuit. When checking for steering circuit faults, the first step is to check whether the seat or handle switch is closed and whether the steering fuse is burnt out; Then check whether there is a short circuit or open circuit in the contactor coil, whether the contactor contacts can close or have mechanical jamming, whether there is a short circuit or open circuit in the two windings of the motor, and whether the brush contact is good. If the external circuits are working normally, it is an internal fault in the control board, and the control board should be replaced.

electric forklift manufacturer

The causes of malfunctions in electric forklifts should vary from vehicle to vehicle. Electric forklifts produced by different manufacturers of electric forklifts have varying circuit systems. Some oil pumps and steering are independent of the walking circuit and controller, so independent maintenance is required. And some require professional identification and maintenance when the walking and turning controllers are the same.


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