Machines like tigers, security needs to be guarded


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

A few days ago, I brushed a video of a circle of friends. A porter used the automatic pallet lifter to unload the goods and was on the way to the warehouse. He turned back and took away his young life.
I carefully watched the operation video of this counterbalance lift truck no less than 10 times. It was found that the operator of the automatic pallet lifter involved illegal operation and caused a safety accident; the operator did not stock the truck. When the fork is lowered to a safe height, the counterbalance lift truck is operated; and if the automatic pallet lifter has a step on the way into the warehouse, the walking operation is performed;

automatic pallet lifter 2 

Seeing the accident video of this counterbalance lift truck, I can't help but see a lot of equipment in my mind that took away the life of the operator and caused some physical injury. Many old people said that machines like tigers must pay attention and pay little attention. There will be a security incident; in fact, the automatic pallet lifter operator did not pay attention to the ground, violated the rules and took his life; I lamented the operator;
Our company should take on the responsibility of safety and need pre-job safety training;

automatic pallet lifter 1 

Enterprises selling counterbalance lift truck should also provide safety reminders and simple training for automatic pallet lifter when the counterbalance lift truck equipment is sold; our company will carry out safety when selling automatic pallet lifter equipment. Remind how to operate, pay attention to safety details; more video guidance for counterbalance lift truck operation;

automatic pallet lifter 

No matter what equipment is sold, the factory needs to provide safety training or guidance to the operators, so as to be able to guard against safety hazards and reduce safety accidents; life is valuable, correct operating price is higher; conscience products, high-quality automatic pallet lifter products And the service should be done by the manufacturer and seller of counterbalance lift truck; the buyer should not be greedy for cheaper, buy automatic pallet lifter equipment with high safety hazards, and everyone should guard against potential safety hazards and minimize the safety accidents of counterbalance lift truck

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