According to what standard to choose double electric pallet jack?


Published by NEWTON October 14,2021

double electric pallet jack

       Today, the handling equipment of the double electric pallet jack series still maintains its convenience, speed and flexibility, which saves energy and protects the environment. In today's society where people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products such as walkie rider pallet jacks have become popular handling machinery and motorised pallet jacks that are popular with the public.

How to choose an double electric pallet jack? According to what criteria should I choose a motorised pallet jack that suits me?

   1. Choose according to the supporting facilities of the walkie rider pallet jack. The specification of the motorised pallet jack is usually determined by the receipt of the goods and the specification of the matching pallet. How high are the feet of the pallet, how much space is left for the motorised pallet jack, and what is the height and width? What is the internal distance between the two forks?

2. Purchase according to the working environment. If the operating environment has requirements for the size of the double electric pallet jack, then pay attention to these parameters when selecting the battery motorised pallet jack: the total width of the electric motorised pallet jack, the total height, the turning radius, and the minimum channel requirements. In addition to these, it depends on the ground, whether the ground is flat, and if the slope is within the acceptable range. Can the motorised pallet jack you choose pass this slope?

double electric pallet jack

3. The function of the demand. double electric pallet jacks generally include stacker trucks, ship loading and unloading, storage and handling, etc. To choose a time walkie rider pallet jack, we must first see what functions it has? What features do you need? The configuration of the product must comply with safety regulations and the performance must be good. To ensure the cost-effectiveness of the motorised pallet jack. From the perspective of the driver, the product design of the motorised pallet jack must meet the needs of ergonomics.

4. Choose the battery capacity of the double electric pallet jack according to the weight of the cargo and the length of work. We all know that the heavier the cargo, the greater the power consumption, and the longer the working hours, the greater the power consumption. Therefore, when choosing a battery motorised pallet jack, we must focus on the battery capacity of the motorised pallet jack. Generally, electric motorised pallet jack manufacturers will give customers an optional list, and there is an item on it that indicates the battery options of the motorised pallet jack.

double electric pallet jack

After choosing the double electric pallet jack, we should also pay attention to the safety inspection of the motorised pallet jack:

   1. Check whether the brake of the double electric pallet jack is flexible;

  2. Check whether the steering of the double electric pallet jack is flexible;

   3. Check whether the tire pressure of the double electric pallet jack is sufficient;

  4. Check that the various components of the double electric pallet jack are in good condition;

  5. Avoid the double electric pallet jack from sun and rain for a long time;

  6. ​​Clean and maintain the double electric pallet jack on schedule.

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