Welcome to the first anniversary of the new Newton family

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    Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

    New Newton

    With the resumption of work after May 1st, our New Newton Group ushered in a good day for the first anniversary of two colleagues' entry. One year is not long, and it is not short. The one-year anniversary of their entry shows that they are also very important to the company. It is very recognized, the company also recognizes the two colleagues very much, and this time the company held a small anniversary event, the leaders expressed their welcome, and everyone in the company expressed their celebration. We shared the cake together, and also I happily took pictures. The whole company is full of energy and joy, which makes us more quickly and friendly to integrate into a big family. In fact, when we set foot in the society and work, it is really good to choose a good company. It is very important, because we will never go back to school, and the company seems to be just like our other company, so we have to adapt to make progress together with the company.

    One year of hard work, one year of sweat, we can also learn a lot in one year. The four seasons alternate between spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the years of a year are also over in our play command room. There are many disappointments, and there are also many failures. New Newton said that this is the current situation we have to face as a professional and the only way to go in life, but I feel that the company can remember your entry time, which means that he is also watching carefully. For each of us, although a small cake does not seem to be so happy for us now, it feels that the company can remember us and feel that this cake is surprising and meaningful from the bottom of our hearts.

    On the way of growth, we still experience many, many things, which make us grow faster and better. Encouragement can make us move forward and taste life with sincerity. We must also have a relaxed attitude to look at everyone around us. One thing, our minds will also become more mature. New Newton once again wishes our colleagues a happy one-year anniversary, keep moving forward, and create greater glories.

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