Learn the basic steps to start cheap forklifts


Published by NEWTON June 23,2022

No matter what kind of car we drive, we first have a certificate, and then we drive. When we go to learn the certificate, we must learn how to start and then drive. Today, we will talk about our cheap forklifts. When it comes to cheap forklifts, we need to find Let a professional explain, then electric forklift manufacturers explain what steps should be taken when we first learn cheap forklifts.

Before driving cheap forklifts, first step on the clutch pedal and start the engine, idle in place for a period of time, and wait until the temperature of the engine rises before driving the forklift; when the forklift is stationary, the fork is in contact with the ground. When using a forklift, it is necessary to lift the fork by 15 to 20cm to separate it from the ground. Electric forklift manufacturers remind drivers to drive cheap forklifts at a slow speed and minimize the use of brakes when driving cheap forklifts.

If you use cheap forklifts to transport goods, be sure to slow down the speed of the vehicle, move the joystick lightly, and wait for the goods to be completely stabilized before exiting the forklift. In the process of driving the forklift, pay attention to observe the voltage of the voltmeter. If the voltage is lower than the limit value, you should immediately turn off the engine and stop the engine work. To prevent the goods from falling, electric forklift manufacturers suggest that you must be careful when driving inspections. He is also a type of motor vehicle, and we must drive safely.

Note when preparing to start: look around to see if there are people or objects around the forklift to avoid danger. Start slow in 1st gear after honking the horn.

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