Technical requirements for 2-ton electric traction vehicles in complete conditio


Published by NEWTON February 02,2024

electric tractor

Technical requirements for a 2-ton electric tractor in complete condition:
In today's increasingly mature manufacturing technology of electric traction vehicles, electric forklift manufacturers will also have higher and stricter technical requirements for electric traction vehicles. The technical requirements for electric traction vehicles are divided into several aspects, including direction control, speed control, power control, and so on. However, regardless of the technical parameter requirements, the purpose is the same, which is to improve the user experience while operating safely.
1. The steering wheel should rotate flexibly, and the free angle (i.e. idle return) should not exceed 15 °.
2. When the front wheel rotates in a stationary state, the horizontal shear force driving the steering wheel should not exceed 784N (kgf).
3. The brake transmission system can indeed operate, and when the brake pedal action is 15mm, the brake should be able to hold the brake wheel tightly.
4. The electrical equipment of electric traction vehicles should be installed correctly, and the wiring should be neat and aesthetically pleasing. All instruments, lighting, indicators, audio switches, and fuses should be fully configured and displayed accurately.

electric tractor

5. The manufacturer of electric forklifts sets the voltage of the battery pack to be greater than 40V.
6. When the tractor is fully loaded, the hand brake should be able to reliably stop on a 1% slope.
7. The starting speed of the tractor should be flat without any impact.
8. When the tractor is driving at full speed, there should be no abnormal noise or other abnormal situations; The vehicle body should not have obvious swinging.
9. When the tractor is driving, the electrical system should not have sparks leaking out.
10. On a flat cement road surface, when the tractor is fully loaded, the maximum speed should not be less than 5km/h, and the emergency braking distance should not exceed 1.5m.
The above are the technical requirements for electric traction vehicles in their complete state, and the electric forklift manufacturer will share them with you.

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